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courtCourtrooms and other judicial systems require accurate depiction and reproduction of audio, video, and data for use in playback or to be recorded and archived. With today’s high definition digital systems, evidence can be viewed by everyone in the courtroom via monitors played out from DVR recorders, laptops, or tablets. Plus, remote testimony can be included through videoconferencing, Internet and media feeds can be integrated for live monitoring and viewing, and computer-generated demonstrations can be offered as evidence.

Digital Court and Judicial systems must support several types of video and audio, assistive listening devices, foreign language interpretation, teleconferencing, video playback, and live video monitoring.  In in a single case or trial there may be days or weeks of testimony and the audio and video files must be uploaded, downloaded, transferred .  One key challenge is gathering and saving the wide variety of audio and video inputs and organizing these in a logical manner to make research and reviews fast and simple.

Comprehensive recording and playback system that simplifies collaboration

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The bundled hardware and software solutions, known as PESA ACES, offers a robust audio and video capture and management solutions.  Hardware encoders provide multiple streams of audio and video from a wide range of devices and formats and offer accurate time synchronization of voice and video elements. The software component allows for capture and management of all the files software offers advanced database technology to simplify logging, searching, annotations, and chain of evidence, and allows integration with third-party case management systems.

PESA has several solutions to help streamline the delivery, display, and distribution of video and audio from multiple types of computers, cameras and microphones that are used in these applications.

  • PESA ACES is a digital AV capture and playback solution.
  • The PESA XSTREAM C58 and C22 encoding and decoding hardware is used to compress and stream HD video and audio for efficient delivery to other systems on the network.
  • The PESA Pro converter products are commonly used to covert HDMI video signals and send them longer distances over coax or cat-5 cable.
  • The VidBlox products provide long distance transmission of high resolution video over fiber or coax cables. With the ability to output a SMPTE compliant format, the VidBlox products allow computer DVI or VGA video signals from computers to be integrated alongside traditional 3G-SDI signals.

PESA in the news:

 How visuals are gaining ground in the courtroom

Courtstoday article imageThe State of the AV technology has greatly improved over the last few years, agree John T. Wright, SVP, sales and business development, PESA, a company that partnered with VIQ.  He details a way that HD video can be moved at an acceptable rate across LANs.  “VIQ for instance, offers a robust remote AV monitor and capture feature that means that evidence can be easily attached, captured and securely shared”…..

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Trends in Video Technology

Courtroom image…..Another new video development is PESA’s Acquire, Collaborate, Explain, and Secure (A.C.E.S.), a two- or five-channel video system with the flexibility to add more. The system is able to be used in courtrooms as well as other arenas such as remote hearings, depositions, etc. A.C.E.S. is currently being used in a pilot program at a local municipal police department in which it will be installed on dashboards in police cruisers and will capture footage and be able to live stream it to headquarters. That footage can later be enhanced, annotated, shared, and discussed. John Wright of PESA, says, “The pilot is on a small scale to determine what technology is needed and to scale it up from that point.”

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Synch it up

Screenshot 2015-10-02 16.00.48….Malcolm Macallum, chief technology officer at VIQ Solutions Inc., points out that the issue was that the very small audio files travelled much faster than the very large visual files. That time delay meant that the picture and the sound would not be synched. On top of that, it used to be that getting that all done with firmware could cost between $50,000 and $60,000. It was clear that courts needed a low-cost single device to provide a viable audio/video management tool that would work as well stand-alone as it did networked. In addition, it was critical that it be integrated with court recorders. “To that end, VIQ wanted to deliver to the evidence market a simple-to-manage unit that provided outstanding audio and video capabilities. This partnership with PESA was created with that goal in mind,” Macallum explains.

 ……What they are finding is that the system can be used in any legal setting where there is a need for a solid visual record. Wright notes that audio was and is the gold standard, and the system can assure that the video is synched. This is particularly useful internationally where different languages and dialects are spoken, and monitoring body language is needed. One example is a firm in Jordan under contract to record a meeting for the International Monetary Fund. They wanted the meeting recorded to have one video stream and three audio streams: one in Arabic, one in English, and one in French. ….

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Products for Courts/ Judicial:

Multi-Channel streaming

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