PESA in the Education Markets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPESA helps distribute audio and video throughout sports stadiums, campus media centers and in classrooms.

School environments at all levels have unique A/V requirements.  PESA Cheetah routers are used to handle local distribution needs to route signals between different buildings, classrooms, to multiple destinations and displays, or sent to recording systems for archive and editing.  The recorded classroom content can then be encoded using a PESA hardware encoder like the C22 and then published online to a CDN for viewing on demand by remote students and faculty.

PESA also has a wide variety of converters and extension solutions that enable signals from cameras, playout devices, computers, and IP cameras to all become part of the AV sources that are available to manage, route,  distribute, and stream.  PESA converters and extension products make it easy to mix formats or change them from fiber to coax, or from DVI to coax, or from HDMI to coax, or any combination or signal formats and resolution.

Help students and educators capture, collaborate and share, no matter where they are located.

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The bundled hardware and software solutions, known as PESA ACES, offers robust audio and video capture and management features.   Easily capture and share important lessons across multiple classrooms or business schools.  Create high-quality audio-video recordings of your class or presentation for students to review on their own schedule. You can add integrated text information, such as links to additional reading, or even add attachments like assignments or presentations. A secure portal allows remote viewers access to the files.



Areas where PESA products can be used:

  • Contribution – PESA products support live and recorded transmission in either a centralized or distributed production design.
  • Distribution – PESA products provide distribution solutions supporting localized or global transport requirements in fiber or copper cabling solutions.
  • Online Streaming- Encode and steam multiple channels to CDNs for online distribution or use multiple encoders/decoders for point to point contribution links.
  • Record/playback– PESA ACES provides the ability to capture lessons and in class discussions for remote viewing.
  • Broadcast Fiber – Our 3G-SDI fiber distribution products are installed in 24/7 mission critical operations across the world. PESA products support commonly used broadcast standards used for video transports for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and H.264.

PESA in the news:

New PESA Cheetah Router Manages Media Throughout Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University

PESA Cheetah Ryerson

…”The ability for us to join spaces together is really critical,” Haswell explained. “You want the ability to link people and places quickly and simply as possible, and the PESA router has allowed us to do that. It has been able to meet any need we could imagine and allowed us to do things at a much higher level than we could have before.””.…


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Georgia Tech- expands online capabilities



…” That’s what’s behind a recent upgrade at Georgia Tech Professional Education(formerly Georgia Tech Distance Learning and Professional Education), which last December installed a new PESA Cheetah 288XE digital video router at its Global Learning Center in Atlanta as part of its migration to HD production for its online professional education coursework.”…

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SEC Network- BAMA’s new Digital Media Center

MFBThis press release highlights the interoperability aspect found in most broadcast environments, where existing equipment and new purchases must coordinate and share audio and video signals.  Many colleges are building out media centers to support their sports programs and need enterprise audio and video routers to tie everything together across multiple buildings or locations on campus.  At the core of the new Digital Media Center build out is a Cheetah router to distribute and route signals between replay systems and multiviewers in the new control room.

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Products for Classrooms and Campuses:

Audio and Video Routing-

Signal Extension and Converters

Multi-Channel streaming


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