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The health care industry has made significant transformation in the last few years, mainly focused on specific patient-centered privacy while creating specialized AV requirements for doctors and health care facilities to share and collaborate images and data across the globe. But AV systems, such as those provided by PESA, are also playing a larger part in interactive training and teaching systems to enhance the learning experience. AV systems are also a part of conference rooms and auditoriums in health care facilities.

Telemedicine blends leading edge technology with real world practice needs.

Products related to telemedicine are often part of a larger investment by health care institutions in either information technology or data management of clinical care records. Advancements in digital storage and Advanced Picture Archival and Communications Systems (APACS) has made it possible to incorporate modern A/V equipment like PESA’s XSTREAM C58 or C22 to record, playback and view live streaming images simultaneously. When adding more digital health care equipment, PESA’s experience in managing mission critical situations in the Government and Military markets provides a knowledgeable background for doctors who must share data with other health care providers – all while maintaining sensitive patient information and confidentiality.

Sharing digital imagery needs to be secure.

Today’s digital X-ray technology has eliminated the need for dark rooms and bulky archival storage facilities that were not particularly secure. Modern high definition digital radiology allows medical images to be stored on computers, DVRs, or other digital imaging devices without loss of critical image quality. PESA offers a comprehensive line of HD distribution gear including routers and converters to monitor and archive camera feeds, audio, and medical device images. Doctors or administrators can selectively identify which display device or DVR will be used for image capture or playback, and with the PESA XSTREAM  C58 or C22 signals can simultaneously be securely streamed to conference rooms, respective labs, nursing stations, or authorized computers.

PESA offers a clear advantage for a complete range of digital distribution and media format conversion for high-quality imaging in HD presentations, compressed H.264 for video streaming, or long distance distribution over fiber or coax transports between health care facilities.

In The News: “Black Box” Recorder Monitors Operating Rooms

….A “black box,” similar to that used in the airline industry, could improve patient safety and outcomes by identifying where errors occur in the operating room (OR) and teaching surgeons how to prevent them.

Developed at St. Michael’s Hospital (Toronto, ON, Canada), in collaboration with Air Canada (Montreal, Canada) the “black box” records almost everything that is happening in the OR, such as vital signs, a video of the OR, a video feed from the endoscope used in the surgical procedure, conversations among health care workers, room temperature, and decibel levels. Based on the PESA (Huntsville, AL, USA) X-stream multipath streaming media recorder, the technology is currently being used for minimally invasive surgery (MIS), but could be expanded for open surgeries as well…..

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Medical Black Box

In The News: Black Boxes in Operating Rooms

You've probably heard of black boxes, but have you heard of them being used in the operating room? Metro Morning host speaks with a Toronto doctor improving surgeon performance by recording conversations, videos and even room temperature in the O-R.

December 28, 2017 | Metro Morning, CBC Radio | 06:26

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