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Stream your live event online- fast and simple

The PESA XSTREAM solutions support a variety of camera inputs and audio sources so that you can focus you efforts on capturing the best content for your remote audience.  The PESA XSTREAM hardware h.264 encoders supports a range of video sources and types including- NTSC/PAL, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI, IP Cameras, and HDMI inputs. We put a lot of time and effort into our user interface to make the initial set up of our solutions simple and straightforward.Video Production image

Changes and adjustments are also simple and fast whether you need to change the bit rate, adjust the frame rate, resolution, or even the stream destination.  The user interface was designed to allow for fast and simple configuration and set-up.  Simply connect your camera, configure the stream settings, and start your streaming event.

Scale up and reach out to a real-time audience

With online distribution you have the ability to reach thousands of viewers without having to build out a massive infrastructure in-house.  Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) take your live streaming content and then enable you to expand your reach across different types of devices and across different connection speeds and screen sizes.  Viewers on iPads and iPhones have different requirements for playing the online streaming video than audience members that may be watching on their laptop or on a Android tablet or phone.  CDNs take your live streams and transcode them so they are available for viewing across multiple device types and screen sizes. We have pre-tested our hardware encoders against leading CDN companies and have built in support that includes predefined templates to simplify the set up and reduce the amount of time and effort required to publish your streaming content.

 Big live event streaming options in a compact design


The PESA XSTREAM C58 provides 6 encode channels in 1RU

The PESA XSTREAM C58 provides 6 encode channels in 1RU

A pair of PESA XSTREAM C22s can provide 4 channels of encode or decode in 1RU

A pair of PESA XSTREAM C22s can provide 4 channels of encode or decode in 1RU

Using the C22-OG cards allows for an unmatched density of 20 channels of encode/decode in 2RU

Using the C22-OG cards allows for an unmatched density of 20 channels of encode/decode in 2RU

 We have an app for that…..

PESA XSTREAM LivePESA Live is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices that works with the PESA XSTREAM family of hardware and software to allow users to select between different video sources to watch during a live event

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 Areas where PESA products can be used:

  • Webcasting- Encode and stream HD video to remote viewers on a LAN or distribute to a CDN for larger remote audiences
  • Live Online Streaming-Encode and steam multiple channels to CDNs for online distribution or
  • Point to point contribution links- use multiple encoders/decoders to deliver content between two locations
  • Record/playback– PESA ACES provides the ability to capture, share and secure live streams for classroom, judicial, medical, and military applications

 PESA in the news:

Ryerson University Deploys PESA Live To Deliver Multi-Channel Streaming Video For CIS Basketball Championship Attendees Ryerson_basketball

The PESA Live app is part of the new PESA Live Services (PLS) system, which is built around the PESA XSTREAM streaming media appliance. The C58 allows up to five video and eight audio sources to be combined, synchronized, and mixed in real time without timing or latency issues. The PESA Live app also allows content producers to add logos and other branding to the video, as well as insert revenue generating advertising….

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PESA- 100 Companies That Matter Most in Online Video in 2015SM100Logo-withlabel

The fifth annual Streaming Media 100—our yearly list of the most interesting, important, and influential companies in online video— shows an industry that’s come into its own, one that some might even say has reached maturity.

That’s not to say it’s stagnant. The 2015 list is significantly different than last year’s, but only by 15 companies. Compare that to 2014, which featured 24 companies that weren’t on the 2013 list. This year, we decided to focus exclusively on vendors in the online video space, companies that offer products, services, and technologies that enable end users (or other vendors) to contribute to the unstoppable growth of multiplatform, multiscreen, multidevice video delivered via the internet….

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New PESA Blade System Wins NewBay Media 2015 NAB Show AwardBoS_2015_TVT_rgb_transparent

Both PBS cards – the C22-PBS-T for MPEG transport streams and the C22-PBS for RTSP and RTMP streams – can be configured as a two-port video encoder, two-port decoder, or include one of each. Two external audio sources can be synchronized to either or both video streams during an event. Plus, the C22s feature HDMI I/O ports for encoding HDMI sources or local HDMI monitoring. PESA is also developing additional proprietary cards to handle signal conversion and scaling.

“We appreciate the recognition from the TV Technology team,” said Chris Thomas, PESA president. “The new PESA Blade System is an important component in our integrated solution, because it provides world-class encoding and decoding, along with seamless routing between baseband and IP-based sources. The result is a true hybrid infrastructure for broadcasters and command and control facilities that is controlled through one interface and supports streaming, 4K, HD, and legacy SD signal sources.”…

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PESA XSTREAM C22 Compact Streaming System Receives NewBay Media Product Innovation Award



“We are very proud to receive this honor from NewBay Media for what we think is a cost effective solution for a number of markets,” said John T. Wright, PESA senior vice president of sales and business development. “The PESA XSTREAM C22 is very versatile because it can be used as a standalone streaming appliance or it can share content between facilities.”

The C22 is a 2 channel h.264 encoder/decoder hardware appliance that includes HDMI, coax and Ethernet (IP-based camera) video inputs, and optional SFP modules ato llow multiple configurations (fiber, HD-BNC, A-to-D and more) for expanded connectivity. During an event, two external audio sources can be synchronized to either or both video streams. Plus, video signals can be locked to an external source using built-in frame sync for glitch-free video switching in broadcast and pro AV applications. An integrated Web server provides full remote control, so no personnel are required on site for streaming content to another facility.

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New PESA Live Wins NewBay Media Best of Show Award at NAB 2014


….NewBay Media’s Best of Show Awards were evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and were based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Only a small number of products were chosen for the award from among hundreds of new products in competition.

“We received a lot of interest from potential customers at our booth when we introduced PESA Live at NAB, and we are very pleased it was recognized as a Best of Show product by NewBay Media,” said Chris Thomas, PESA President and CTO. “PESA Live is a great way to enhance the attendee experience, and its ad insertion capabilities allow stadiums and other venues to see immediate ROI.”..

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Products for Live Event Streaming:

Multi-Channel streaming

Signal Extension and Converters


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