PESA in the Mobile Broadcast Markets

PESA is your partner for innovative, customized solutions.

Whether it’s live sports, award ceremonies, or breaking news, PESA has been in the trucks of the top mobile production companies for nearly 30 years. Renowned for our ability to work closely with mobile truck systems engineers and installers, PESA has been instrumental in creating tailor-made routing switcher solutions without the additional cost burdens normally found with specialized system requirements.

outside-broadcastWe push the limits on maximum performance in less space.

PESA’s ability to push the boundaries of maximum ports in a compact frame – and quickly adapt standard control functions to specific customer requirements – delivers maximum value for mobile truck engineers and broadcast production staff. Our products have led the way for mobile trucks to provide more productivity in less space. As we continue to explore next generation technologies, PESA remains the preferred choice for outstanding service and innovative routing switcher and signal processing solutions for live events.

With decades of experience, PESA is shaping the future with new solutions.

Large mobile production trucks were developed to take broadcast studios on the road for live events, so video production could be managed at the local venue and then transmitted back to the television studios for broadcast. Today, the sports media and mobile production markets continue to undergo rapid changes in how they handle the challenges of live venue production and distribution.

PESA’s routing switcher technology has proven its value in the sports market and can be found in all of the top 20 mobile production providers. With an increased amount of HD content to manage, the merger of IT and traditional broadcast content, and the limited amount of time between setup and production, live broadcast continues to rely on PESA’s innovative routing and control solutions that answer the demands for speed and reliability. PESA’s Cheetah and DRS Routing Switcher Systems bring together the most reliable live production control and routing system available.

PESA also continues to expand its R&D activities, enabling the company to provide advanced technology using fiber optics, unified control, and diagnostics tools critical to these 24/7 environments. PESA’s DRS solution allows a modular and scalable approach to audio distribution with the widest range of audio adjustments and remedies available, including embedders, de-embedders, MADI, A/D, and D/A solutions.


PESA in the news:

Mira Mobile Upgrades HD Truck with PESA Cheetah Routing Switcher


 ……“We only had eight days to install and proof the audio and video router,” Duncan explained. “There was no way we could have done this installation alone on a system that came with a steep learning curve for us. Our familiarity with both PESA hardware and software, coupled with the support of PESA engineers to assist whenever the need arose, enabled us to meet this very tight schedule.”

MIRA Mobile has worked with PESA routing since 2005, and seven of the company’s nine operating mobile units feature PESA routing solutions.

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Game Creek Video Trusts PESA for Routing Needs at Super Bowl XLVIII




……Jason Taubman, Game Creek vice president of design and new technologies, said ” 75 percent of the company’s fleet is in the New York area to cover the Super Bowl for various clients. The entire truck compound at the game will be connected through PESA video and distributed audio routing systems” he said….


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NEP Trucks Get Embedded-Audio Upgrades

NEP truck - at PESA
…..”The enhancements include PESA router upgrades for fully embedded audio with LED legend-able panels in five unspecified mobile units. The audio upgrade is a full-featured retrofit that will enable channel swapping, shuffle, delay, and phase adjustments for each path while maintaining full sample accuracy. “….

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