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Cattrax User Guide

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cattrax laptopCattrax™ is PESA’s Windows® based system control software application that allows any PC on a facility network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products in the facility.  In addition to its controller and monitoring features, the Cattrax “Virtual Design” capability allows designers and installation engineers to design an entire system without having the actual hardware, thus making installation much quicker and easier.

Cattrax provides the operator a powerful set of tools in an intuitive, menu-driven format that is very easy to learn and simple to use.  A full directory of all processing frames, and the modules contained in each, is displayed that can be sorted by individual IP address, assigned name of each frame, or as a listing of all modules in the system with an identifier as to which frame and card slot each module is located.

Cattrax can be configured to display only active, only inactive or both active and inactive processing modules.  To access any frame or module, simply click on the entry for the desired device and a full interactive set of tabbed menu screens is displayed for the device.  Using the “Batch Configuration” feature, multiple system frames or processing modules may be configured simultaneously, saving a great deal of time and steps when creating or modifying system configuration.  From the menu the operator can monitor the alarm status and health of the device, or perform any configuration function that is available from a system control panel.  One can monitor, adjust and/or change operating parameters of any module in the system in real-time.


  • Auto-Detect of frames and modules in the managed network.
  • Display Frames and Cards in a tree structure that can be expanded to show modules in the frame.
  • Displays Frame and Card Details including general product information, operational status, alarms and configuration.
  • Virtual System Design facilitates design and configuration of system – prior to the availability of actual hardware – to speed up and lower the cost of system development.
  • Batch Configuration allows simultaneous configuration of multiple selected frames or processing modules.
  • Global Monitoring displays all alarms and status messages of the managed systems in a single list.
  • Save and Restore allows the user to save the configuration of each device in the system and load it on-demand to any device of the same type.
  • Auto-Restore automatically restores the configuration of a newly inserted card in the frame with the previously saved configuration.
  • Access Security provides user id and password protection to the system and its function.

 * Information are subject to change without prior notice.

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