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Cattrax Web Browser

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Use your basic web browser as the interface to control your router system from any remote location. PESA Cattrax Web is a web application for use with the Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 Operating System that allows users to monitor and control a wide variety of PESA routers from virtually any computer with TCP/IP network or internet access to the host server. The application is used in conjunction with MicroSoft IIS HTTP server application and provides control access using a common web browser application, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome, and HTML web pages for client interface. System operation with Cattrax Web is very intuitive and user-friendly using graphical user interface (GUI) pages and menus for user input.

Cattrax Web communicates through an Ethernet interface directly with a PERC2000 or PERC3000 System Controller and performs in many respects as a PESA hardware remote control panel

Cattrax Web Diagram

There are two major operational areas of the Cattrax Web application: administrative and real-time switching. Administration functions allow a user with administrative privileges to configure all aspects of application operation including users, router control and access, server functions and the creation of system operation and history logs. Real-time switching pages are available to all authorized users and provide status display and control functions for the router or partition of the router assigned to the individual user accessing the server.

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