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DESCRIPTION: Cheetah 128NE (128×128)
For mid-range multi-format routing switcher systems, PESA’s Cheetah 128NE offers support for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, embedded audio and CWDM signals. Inside the 7 RU frame a single 128×128 crosspoint matrix supports I/O expansion in groups of 16. Each frame includes slots for redundant control, redundant power and easy access to hot-swap components for mission critical system architecture requirements. The 128NE frame I/O card options allow incredible flexibility by allowing systems to be designed around the widest range of connector and signal types. Input and Output cards are available for coax and fiber with options to include CWDM fiber supporting up to 16 HD-SDI channels over one fiber optic cable or embedding/de-embedding up to 16 channels per video port. The 128NE supports many 3rd party control protocols as well as the full featured PESA control system offered with the PERC2000 and PERC3000 System Control Software.


  • 128×128 in 7RU
  • Matrix Card Granularity – 128×128
  • Supports ITU-R and SMPTE ST 259, ST 292, ST 372 and ST 424 standards
  • Scale each input card in groups of 16 ports (fiber or coax available)
  • Scale each output card in groups of 16 ports (fiber or coax available)
  • Optional CWDM MUX or DEMUX for 16 HD-SDI channels over one fiber cable
  • Optional Audio Embedder/De-embedder circuit included on I/O cards
  • Optional easySFP modules for NTSC/PAL to SD-SDI conversion
  • Optional easySFP modules for SD-SDI to NTSC/PAL conversion
  • Optional easySFP modules for HDMI output conversion
  • Optional Vidblox extenders allow DVI/VGA/RGB/RGBHV to SDI conversion
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable matrix, power, control for 24/7 operations
  • Redundant power, control, matrix cards available
  • Control options: RS-232, SNMP, or 10/100 Network.
  • Controllers: PESA PERC2000 or PERC3000 (3rd party control supported)
  • Wide range of rack mount or desktop control panels
  • Sync reference ports for NTSC/PAL or Tri-level
  • Low power consumption

Flexible I/O connections – The Cheetah router includes a range of I/O cards that can support any broadcast standard including ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and 4K in either optical or copper formats. In addition, Cheetah can support fiber CWDM inputs and outputs with up to 16 HD-SDI channels over a single fiber cable.

PESA_EASYSFP_300dpi copy (2)

IntegratedAudio – The Cheetah router can be integrated with the DRS Audio system allowing users the flexibility to route embedded AES or discrete audio with any SDI/HD-SDI video stream. With the DRS compact audio router system and Cheetah MUX/DEMUX modules, users have the ability to reduce overall cost and power consumption. With DRS integrated audio modules, any audio input can be embedded to any video output.






Comprehensive Control Software– Cattrax™ is PESA’s Windows® based system control software application that allows any PC on a facility network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products in the facility. In addition to its controller and monitoring features, the Cattrax “Virtual Design” capability allows designers and installation engineers to design an entire system without having the actual hardware, thus making installation much quicker and easier.

cattrax laptop

Programmable Control Panels

Smart32PESA’s Smart 32 is a pushbutton remote control panel for PESA  routing installations featuring 32 programmable, multi-color LCD pushbutton switches, a status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity.The panel provides up to 16 pages of key configurations for a total panel capacity of 512 programmable pushbuttons, each of which may be configured for virtually any data key or control key function.

PESA’s Touch 72 is a pushbutton remote control panel for PESA routing installations featuring 72 programmable, multi-color LCD pushbutton switches, a full color touch screen display and full Ethernet network connectivity. The panel provides up to 16 pages of key configurations for a total panel capacity of 1152 programmable pushbuttons, each of which may be configured for virtually any data key or control key function.
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