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In addition to standard signal I/O frames, the DRS system also includes two special purpose circuit cards for de-embedding (DEMUX-3G Card) and embedding (MUX-3G Card) digital audio with SDI video that marry the video routing capability of the Cheetah Video Matrix Routers with the audio routing capability of the Cheetah DRS Audio Router. Both cards are fully compatible with SDI video signals up to 3Gbps and compliant with SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M. These cards are used in place of the HD/3G-SDI video input buffer and video output combiner cards in a Cheetah video router mainframe. The audio portion of each card integrates with a DRS channel group through an available E-DXE I/O port using common CAT5E cable, up to 100M in length.

The Cheetah DEMUX-3G card provides 16 SDI video inputs and de-embeds all audio groups and channels from all sixteen video signals. Up to 128 de-embedded audio signals may be selected as input sources for the DRS channel group. The Cheetah MUX-3G card provides 16 SDI video output channels and embeds any of up to 128 audio signals selected from DRS input sources onto any of the sixteen video output signals. Any audio input signal to DRS – AES, embedded, MADI or analog – can become the input source for the video MUX card for embedding onto a video output signal. In DRS system configuration, the DEMUX-3G card functions as a signal input frame, and the MUX-3G card functions as a signal output frame. Full digital signal processing and stereo remedies may be applied to any or all embedded audio signals.

Cheetah Embedder and DeEmbedder Cards User Guide

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Download the DRS Product Catalog


      • Fully Integrates Cheetah Video 3G I/O Signals with Cheetah DRS Audio Signals
      • Single Card Solutions for Audio Output Mux and Audio Input De-Mux Applications
      • Embedded audio switching and distribution systems simplify and reduce the amount of in plant cabling
      • Embedded audio reduces lip sync problems by having the audio in the same data stream with the video so they travel the same path and stay in sync
      • Reduce switching errors introduced when separate video and audio switching systems are used.
      • Featuring a distributed architecture, other DRS I/O elements can be installed as new formats are added or greater capacity is required (Future Proof)
      • Distributed I/O elements can be remotely located from the central switching unit making the system ideally suited to multi-room, multi-floor or multi-building installations
      • Standard CAT-5 connectivity for more limited distances (up to 300 feet) and fiber inter-connectivity for extended distances simplify installation planning
      • Full Audio Gain Control
      • Audio Delay Control
      • Channel Swap, Sum and Shuffle capability
      • Phase Inversion to correct external errors
      • Insertion of Audio Silent on Video Inputs or Video Outputs
      • Integrated Operator Control reduces potential for audio error introduction
      • Provides Fully Redundant Signal Paths For Audio and Control Data
      • Integrated Control of Mux and DeMux Embedded With Audio Signal Data Stream
      • Does Not Reduce Total Number of Available Video Inputs OR Outputs On Video Frame – All Video Inputs and Outputs Available
      • DeMux Functions As Standard DRS Audio Input Frame
      • DeMux Functions As Standard Cheetah Video Input Buffer
      • Seamless integration with other discrete external audio formats in DRS System with same audio remedies available
      • MADI, AES and Analog in balanced and unbalanced formats can all be interchanged with EMBEDDED AUDIO
      • Embedded Audio MUX and DEMUX are Extensions to Standard DRS Audio Solution

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