Enterprise Data Exchange Engine

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One E-DXE is required for every DRS Series E System. A second E-DXE may be added to any group for full data stream redundancy. Each E-DXE provides 24 Frame I/O Ports for connection with signal frames, MADI adapters or Cheetah Mux/Demux video cards, up to a group total of 1536 inputs and 1536 outputs. E-DXE frames are equipped with at least one PERC1000 Frame Controller device; a second frame controller may be added for control redundancy. A second power supply may be added to any E-DXE frame for full power redundancy. The frame controller in each DXE communicates over a 10/100 Ethernet link; adding a second frame controller creates an additional network device for control redundancy.

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E-DXE diagram













DRS-EDXE-1310 Data Exchange Engine with 1310nm Fiber I/O 
DRS-EDXE-NF Data Exchange Engine without Fiber I/O

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