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PESA’s XSTREAM C22-OG is a highly versatile, dual channel H.264 encoder/decoder device for high definition video processing, audio processing and IP streaming. Each processing channel is totallyC22 Card Only 1 900x900 independent from the other and can function as a remote client for decoding an H.264 IP stream or an encoder to webcast an IP output stream from a variety of input signal sources.

Each processing channel offers video and audio input and output interface in various signal formats at resolutions up to 1080p/60, through rear panel connectors. The C22-OG also accepts input from the host openGear frame sync reference that allows local output video signals to be sync locked for use in broadcast and other high-end video environments.

An independent audio mixer function is provided for each encoder and decoder that allows the audio associated with the input or output video source to be blended or replaced with a source of local auxiliary audio. All audio processing is dual channel for full L/R stereo or other applications.

The C22-OG complies with openGear standards for size, form-factor and power consumption. It occupies 2 slots in the ope nGear 3 frame which means that a single frame can host 20 channels of encode, decode or an arbitrary mix.

Key Features

  • Inputs video and audio signals from a variety of signal formats and sources2015_BROCHURE_C22-OG-thumbnail
  • Two processing channels for video and audio – each provides a streaming encoder and decoder
  • SFP cage offers additonal input output options
  • Mixing functions to create custom audio track for each video signal
  • Two simultaneous and independent IP output streams
  • Single Unicast, Multiple Unicast or Multicast streaming modes
  • HDMI input and output
  • Two line level, analog audio output connections
  • Support RTP/RTSP and RTMP protocols
  • High resolution and bitrate support- up to 1080p60 and 10Mb/s


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