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PERC2000 is the latest system controller in the PESA family with 10/100 Ethernet capabilities for controlling routing switchers via an IP network. Regardless of where the routing switchers are located, the system controller can remotely control router functions. A PERC2000 systems consists of a hardware board as well as a fully-featured graphical user interface. PERC2000 is compatible with all existing PESA routing switchers as well as backward compatible with legacy products using the PRC communications protocol.

PERC2000 can perform real-time configuration changes achieving zero re-configuration download time. Each PERC2000 system is equipped with one USB and four RS232/RS422 serial port communication interfaces for the most flexiblility and set up ease.

PERC2000 User Guide

Download the User Guide


  • Ethernet control ability
  • Supports up to 16 levels of control
  • Supports up to 64 matrices
  • Supports up to 256 tieline interconnects
  • Allows up to 256 Salvos
  • Supports up to 2400 sources and destination names
  • Full on-line diagnostics
  • Matrix breakup / segmentation
  • Virtual matrix mapping
  • Zero download time
  • Feature rich GUI with diagnostic capabilities
  • Allows field updates via USB or serial port
  • Backward and forward compatibility with PESA routing switchers

1. Tieline Management
A tieline is a link between levels of control, allowing an input on one matrix level to be available to outputs on another matrix level. The advantage of a tieline is the ability to make all sources on a router available through a specific physical connection between dissimilar matrix signal types. Tieline management is the simplest way to connect remote matrices together, allowing the system to be treated as one large multi-format system. The control interface provides an easy-to-manage grid representation for tielines allowing quick status and administrative override capabilities.

2. Virtual Matrix Mapping
Virtual Matrix mapping is a configurable software to set logical cross-point definitions within a physical matrix, so that the cross-point can be assigned on an as-and-when needed basis. One physical matrix can contain more than one Virtual matrix. An application for Virtual Matrix Mapping is to create sources and destinations only on the levels in which they are actually used.

3. Matrix Breakup / Segmentation
For systems requiring video sources such as RGB, Y/C, composite and other multi-level signal formats, the system controller allows the router to be segmented into smaller matrices.

4. Salvo
A Salvo allows a user to change cross-points on multiple destinations from a single Take operation. Advanced configuration parameters for Source, Destination, and Levels can be setup to simplify operations when simultaneous cross-point switches must be taken together.

5. Panel Configuration
PERC2000 operates seamlessly with some PESA of PRC type control panels. Software control panel menus allow the user to setup panel configuration information such as source/destination assignments, addressing, and lock/protect. Each type of PRC panel has its won graphical panel setup menu to select and identify which button assignments are given. Each panel configuration menu features four selection tabs for access listing, data key definitions and salvo definitions.

6. Status Tracking
The Status interface allows a user to check status of several different aspects of the control system. Within the interface, icons are located to select Matrix Status, Tieline Status, Presets, Salvo, Communications, and other diagnostic windows. The information shown in each window automatically updates as changes occur providing the user with immediate feedback of system status.

7. Diagnostic Capabilities
The diagnostic functions enable the user to obtain cross-point readback and matrix control status as well as perform diagnostics on a selected matrix. Features like readback and confidence status verify operation of the matrix control to the physical cross-point.

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