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PESA’s VidBlox SL-3G DVI Fiber Optic Extender transmits DVI or Computer Video signals over fiber or coax cable with the performance characteristics of high definition digital video; based on industry standard SMPTE transports for HD/3G-SDI. Engineered around the latest 3G-SDI high resolution image performance, the PESA VidBlox series offers perfect pixel-for-pixel transmission of DVI computer video images up to 1920X1200, including 1080p/60. The Vidblox includes EDID emulation coding, internal test patterns, and an input monitoring port. As one of the most compact packages available, the VidBlox can be mounted just about anywhere or can be securely mounted with our under-the-table mounting bracket or our exclusive 2RU extender frame holding up to four modules.

The VidBlox SL-3G is perfect for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution video over fiber or coax cable. With the ability to output a SMPTE compliant format, the SL-3G can be integrated into any broadcast facility routing system allowing simple integration of DVI or VGA signals alongside traditional 3G-SDI. The SL-3G module, when used in conjunction with the 3G-SL receiver modules, can be setup as an additional transport layer to any 3G-SDI routing system.

• Extend DVI-I and stereo audio over a single fiber up to 10Km with SM cables
• Extend DVI-I and stereo audio over a coax cable up to 80m
• Accepts inputs up to 1920X1200@60Hz (WUXGA)
• SMPTE compliant transports provide perfect pixel performance
• Outputs broadcast standard formats for ST-259, ST-292, ST-424 video
• Allows up to four 720p/1080i/1080p outputs per module
• Allows both singlemode and multimode fiber in the same module
• Full set of LED indicators for monitoring and troubleshooting
• Alarm notifications via software interface
• Auto memory – module remembers last know setup
• EDID emulation mode
• User configurable resolution setup
• 12 internal test patterns for testing and calibration
• Analog video H &V pixel adjustments
• Analog video phase adjustments
• Audio gain adjustments and muting
• Rack mount and under-the-table mounting brackets available
• 10/100 network interface (control software optional)
• Redundant power in 2RU extender frame

Offering both coax and fiber inputs in the same SL-3G module opens up a wide range of capabilities for mission critical redundancy or system backup requirements. With the optional fiber ports activated, systems can be setup for long haul video transports well over 10km; and with the parallel coax outputs, local displays can be supported at distances as far as 80m away.

Because transmission over fiber is inherently secure and immune to outside interference, fiber applications are favored in government, military, and medical environments. The SL- 3G supports both singlemode and multimode fiber cabling with an optional duplex SFP pluggable fiber module. Each port supports output data rates up to 1080p/60. Additionally, each SL-3G comes with two BNC ports allowing two additional HD/3G output ports. With a total of four output ports, the SL-3G can be configured to support up to four displays per input.

The SL-3G accepts unbalanced stereo audio and embeds the signal for transport over the SMPTE output transport stream. Also included on the output transport video is resolution- format data which when connected to a 3G-SL Receiver unit can properly communicate specific resolutions and format data of the received signal. Each SL-3G can be controlled and configured using the local USB port; or using the optional Cattrax software, up to 1024 modules can be managed or monitored over a network connection.. A wide range of adjustments and calibration features are available with Cattrax Cub software allowing output scaling, progressive to interlace conversion, test pattern setup, audio muting, analog phase adjustments, and a large array of signal measurements for fiber and coax outputs.

In addition to DVI and VGA inputs, each SL-3G can be configured to accept other component video inputs such as RGsB, RGBS, and RGBHV where sync levels are different than traditional VGA. Each SL-3G can be used in conjunction with all PESA 3G-SDI routers and distribution gear.

Model Description PartNumber
VIDBLOX Media extender, DVI / VGAto SD/HD/3G-SDI coax only VIDBLOX-SL-3G-C
VIDBLOX Media extender, DVI / VGAto SD/HD/3G-SDI, fiber & coax VIDBLOX-SL-3G-F

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