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Compact and Configurable Audio and Video Streaming

C22-Encode-DeodePESA expands the PESA XSTREAM family of multi-channel HD IP streaming devices with the PESA XSTREAM C22. This compact streaming system may be configured as a two port encoder, a two port decoder, or with one port of each. The hardware design includes a variety of input and output options for stand alone applications or as part of larger hybrid broadcast systems. In addition to the local SDI and HDMI input and output options, the SFP cage gives users other analog and digital I/O configuration options based on the environment or system requirements. When multiple units are used the PESA XSTREAM C22 allows audio and video professionals to compress, stream, and share high quality content between locations and enable streaming in existing video distribution systems.

C22In addition to the encoding and decoding features the PESA XSTREAM C22 also includes local signal/format conversion when needed. When configured to encode and stream out two local inputs, the PESA XSTREAM C22 can also convert those original input sources to different formats/signals to route or display locally.



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