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The New Standard for Audio and Video Streaming

C58The PESA XSTREAM C58 re-writes the standards for affordable streaming with more video, more audio and more signal format management than any other product on the market. From a compact 1RU package, the rear panel is filled with connector options -simplifying integration and configuration of your audio and video sources. With this high definition video encoder, front end video formats such as NTSC/PAL, SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI can be combined with decoded IP video sources to create the best combination of up to 5 simultaneous full screen streams and one Quad-View stream. Latency and timing issues are a thing of the past because, unlike other streaming appliances, the PESA XSTREAM allows up to 8 audio input sources to be combined, synchronized and mixed in real time with any or every video stream. Added features include USB 2.0 and two local HDMI monitoring connections.


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c58-iconsVideo webcasting, IP broadcasting, video teleconferencing, custom applications, network control rooms, and real-time surveillance, or just capturing everyday life events; all rely on getting exactly the right content at the right time. PESA’s XSTREAM C58 captures user content from a variety of sources. In order to effectively transmit live and pre-recorded events via IP video streams, both live cameras and stored content must be available to local and remote viewers simultaneously. The XSTREAM is a cost effective and comprehensive package for digital media capture, processing, distribution and storage in an ultra-compact form factor, at a very affordable price.


With the PESA XSTREAM C58, you have a single solution to deliver and record rich media content to audiences on site or in remote locations across a LAN or WAN network. Integration intoMulti-Port-HD-IP fixed network systems is both easy to deploy and to manage. With local HDMI or BNC outputs* and network connection, operators now have the ability to stream live content over IP with H.264 while simultaneously providing live digital content to a local quad-view display and/or full screen display. The PESA XSTREAM C58 captures multiple high-resolution sources simultaneously, such as 720p or 1080p SDI cameras, NTSC/PAL devices, and H.264 encoded cameras; and prepares multiple high bandwidth broadcast streams (MPEG-4 / H.264) for enterprise distribution and archiving. During live viewing or replaying of an “event”, the video and audio streams remain associated and synchronized.


Supporting multiple input signal formats, the PESA XSTREAM C58 allows you to access video signal sources ranging from IP cameras over a network up to professional broadcast video and audio sources for the highest quality streaming productions. A single 1RU frame provides up to five independent video inputs and up to eight audio signal inputs from analog, digital or IP sources. With its built-in eight-channel audio mixing capability and integrated A/V synchronization, the PESA XSTREAM delivers more format versatility, processing power and I/O capability than any other multi-channel streaming device available anywhere. Monitor your sources in real time with the local HDMI or BNC outputs*, preview or record to a PC through the USB 2.0 port while simultaneously streaming in realtime through the Gig-E interface. * BNC outputs are optional using available accessories


All set-up and control of the PESA XSTREAM C58 is through an intuitive Web browser based management and control interface. The management system provides complete remote capabilities, which creates the opportunity to reduce on site personnel. Application developers and system integrators can utilize the embedded API to enable cost effective value-added video and audio capabilities to any solution.

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