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PESA’s Sabertooth fiber optic mini-extender is a digital video transport module for extending SD/HD/3G-SDI video over long distances using just one fiber optic connection. Its ultra-thin die-cast body allows side-by-side connections to the back of video equipment such as routers and other types of distribution equipment with unit pitch as tight as 0.625 inches. The Sabertooth requires no user adjustments making setup quick and painless. Simply connect the devices directly to the source and add power to achieve perfect signal quality up to 10Km at 3Gbps.

Sabertooth is designed to transport one channel of SMPTE 259M, 292M, or 424M serial digital video over long distances through singlemode or multimode fiber with the same module. At approximately three inches in length, the Sabertooth is a cost effective solution, ideal for Pro A/V, mobile broadcast, sporting venues, and remote camera feeds. Further, since fiber optic cable is immune to interference caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF/EMI), these extenders are perfect for command and control, situation rooms, medical imaging applications, and emergency management venues where a perfect picture is not only demanded, but necessary.


  • Transmission of Multi-rate SD/HD/3G (143Mbps to 2.97Gbps)
  • Real-time, uncompressed video transmission
  • Supports both singlemode or multimode fiber
  • Formats supported: SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M
  • Error free pathological pattern performance
  • Sized for direct attachment to video equipment such as routers
  • Supports embedded audio and metadata
  • Rugged die-cast housing allows 0.625 side-by-side mounting
  • 3Gbps up to 10Km using singlemode 9/125u fiber
  • TX Power (min. -6 dBm, max. -3 dBm)
  • RX Power (min. -20 dBm, max. +0 dBm)
  • 0 to 70C operating case temperature
  • +4.5 to +7VDC power supply (+6VDC, 3A nominal)
  • Power Supply Input Voltage:  100VAC to 240VAC
  • Power Supply Output Voltage: +4.5 to 7VDC (+6VDC, 3A nom.)
  • 4-Pin Mini-XLR power connection
  • Body Size: 0.55” X 3.14” (14mm X 79.8mm)

NOTE: Operating distances are approximate. Cable loss and other interconnects can affect the total light loss between TX and RX paths. Multimode cable distances are limited based on interconnects and type of cable used.

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