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DRS AUDIO SERIES E: Enterprise Audio Systems up to 7680 x 7680 using E-DXE processor Designed specifically for large venue environments, the PESA Enterprise Audio Routing System provides a “unified” solution for audio and time code applications. At the heart of each distributed audio system is a 1RU Enterprise Data Exchange Engine (E-DXE) chassis that connects up to 24 independent I/O frames which can be stacked to serve as a centralized system; or each I/O frame can be independently located at the source several miles away by using fiber optic cabling interconnects. Each I/O frame supports up to 128 inputs or outputs for a total of 1536 X 1536 with one E-DXE. By adding additional E-DXE units, systems can be populated up to 7680 X 7680 using five DXE chassis. The Cheetah Enterprise DRS allows users to integrate AES/EBU, Analog Audio, MADI and Time Code – all within one distributed system.

DRS stand alone User Guide

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•  AES/ analog / MADI / time code in one common package
•  1RU supports 128 channels per I/O
•  Select from BNC, ELCO, or 6-pin pluggable connectors
•  Build systems that support up to 7680 X 7680
• Add up to 24 chassis per one DXE
• Get up to 1536 X 1536 using just one E-DXE chassis

• BNC – AES Audio (75 Ohm)
• 6 Pin Pluggable or ELCO – AES or Analog Audio
• DSP options – Gain, delay, L/R sum, L/R swap, breakaway
• Internal generator options – silence, sweep tone, white noise, pink noise
• Interconnects: CATx between frames, fiber between DXE

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