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PESA’s Smart 32 is a pushbutton remote control panel for PESA routing installations featuring 32 programmable, multi-color LCD pushbutton switches, a status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity.Smart 32 supports direct take switching, AFV or breakaway switching on all 17 switching levels supported by the PERC3000 controller, and destination lock/protect functions.

The panel provides up to 16 pages of key configurations for a total panel capacity of 512 programmable pushbuttons, each of which may be configured for virtually any data key or control key function. Key labels on the pushbuttons are dynamically changed when pages or configurations are changed, and each pushbutton is dynamically color-keyed to identify its assigned function, by type, on the currently selected page. In addition to the pushbuttons, a two line display screen provides real-time status readout and other panel parameter display functions.

DYNAMICALLY REPROGRAMMABLE LCD BUTTONS Smart 32 provides 32 pushbutton switches, referred to as keys, on the front panel, each of which contains an independent, multi-color LCD display device that is capable of both text and graphics display. Displayed information is referred to as the button’s label, and is programmed for each router resource or function through the Button Images page of PESA’s Cattrax software control application. The Smart 32 panel allows up to 16 panel key pages, each of which can be entirely unique or can share key assignments with other pages.

For maximum versatility, each key on each page can be assigned to select a source, destination, salvo, or switching level; as well as any available router control or panel pagination function. Pages may contain any mixture of any button assignment types, and all labels are dynamically updated as different pages are selected, or as the system configuration is changed.

Pushbutton background colors are assigned using a system-wide default color scheme to instantly identify each key by function type on any Smart 32 or Touch 72 panel on the network. The factory default color scheme may be modified on a system wide basis through the Cattrax software control application. Backlight intensity is assigned a system default value, but can be altered locally on each individual panel to address varying lighting environments. Pushbutton switches work in conjunction with the status display screen to provide a powerful, intuitive user interface. Page selection keys can be assigned to allow the user to jump directly from the displayed page to a new page in a single keystroke. Page names are user programmable and can be configured for maximum flexibility and versatility.

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