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Touch 72 Flat Front 300

As the demand rises for greater functionality, space savings and long term ROI, the Touch 72 LCD/Programmable control panel provides incredible flexibility while simplifying complex decision making environments.
The Touch 72 LCD is PESA’s newest remote control panel, featuring 72 dynamically reprogrammable LCD push button switches in an 18×4 configuration, along with a full color, 320×240, TFT graphic, resistive touchscreen display and full network connectivity.  The panel is designed specifically to address the demands of live production with single keystroke switching for fast on air selections.  The Touch 72 LCD default mode of operation is the “Direct / Hot” Take mode in which the user presses a single source key switch to connect the assigned source to the controlled destination.  The user may also press a key switch with a destination assigned to immediately change the destination currently controlled by the panel.

The Touch 72 is a pushbutton control panel that enables broadcast studio operators to create clear and intuitive command functions with custom colors and programmable text menus.
The panel provides up to a maximum of 16 page configurations with 72 switches per page.  Each page can be entirely unique or can share key assignments with other pages.  For maximum versatility, each LCD switch can be assigned a source or a destination or a salvo or a level, as well as any available control function.  A page may contain a mixture of any of the above key types and all labels on the LCD switches are dynamically updated as the system configuration is changed.  Key switch background colors are assigned per a system wide default color scheme. Backlight intensity is assigned a system default value, but can be altered locally on each individual panel to address varying lighting environments.  The LCD switches work in conjunction with the full color touchscreen display to provide a powerful, intuitive user interface.  Any function available on the touchscreen display can also be assigned to any LCD key switch on any page.  Page selection keys can be assigned to allow the user to jump directly from the displayed page to a new page in a single keystroke.  Page names are user programmable and can be configured in a hierarchical arrangement  to allow the user to “drill down” to the level of detail desired.

Unlike traditional pushbutton panels, the Touch 72 dramatically improves the visual interface with its innovative programmable buttons and touchscreen display.
The primary function of the touchscreen display is to provide continuous status of destination, source, preset, level and lock information.  Eight characters are allotted for the name of each status field.  Each panel can be individually customized or can share panel configuration information with other panels for easy panel grouping of like functions.  Panel configurations can be cloned, making it simple and quick to create a custom configuration without starting from a clean slate, improving productivity and reducing the time required to make modifications or add a panel to online operations.  Easily accessible user menus are also available from the main screen to display extended page selections, breakaway level control, panel ID and network information.  Standard switching combinations are supported such as audio-follow video, video only, audio only and complex multi-level breakaways.  With the soft menu structure, the panel can be reconfigured on the fly for different page configurations without affecting the operation of other panels or impacting system performance.

Now you are free to choose your best interface style with a full color LCD and multi-color smart button control panel that reduces time to train operators and reduces control function errors.
The panel includes two RJ45, 10/100Mbp/s network connections to support daisy-chain configurations or standard network home-run wiring topology.  The Touch 72 LCD is powered by a standard universal AC input, wall wart type power supply. The panel is supported by Cattrax, PESA’s control and configuration application and the newly introduced PERC3000 System Controller.  Using the PERC3000, the Touch72LCD can be deployed with PESA’s existing RCP panels in a fully integrated environment.


  • Dynamic buttons updated as system configuration changes
  • Direct / Hot Take from a single keystroke
  • 16 pages allow 72 selections per page
  • Selectable key switch background colors
  • Full color 320 x 240 TFT touchscreen display
  • Share panel configuration with other panels
  • Clone settings allow ultra-fast configuration changes
  • Allows flexible switch combinations such as audio follow video, video only, audio only and multi-level breakaways
  • Two RJ-45 network connections support daisy-chain panel runs
  • Configure with easy setup menus in Cattrax control GUI
  • Works in parallel with existing RCP panels
  • 2RU shallow chassis
  • Power: 90-240VAC, 12VDC with power adapters US, UK or EURO style plugs

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