PESA offers a wide array of processing, conversion, and extender modules.

• Converters and Scalers for HDMI/DVI/VGA/RGB/RGBHV/YPbPr to SDI Video
• HDMI Extenders
• HDMI and DVI input/output processing
• Multi-Port, Multi-Format Conversion Modules
• BNC/Fiber Converter/Extender Modules


easyLINK - Fiber Media Extenders for BNC Connectors

PESA’s easyLINK video transport modules offer a complete solution for extending SD/HD/3G-SDI video from copper coaxial connectors over long distances using a single fiber optic connection.

easyPORT - Multi-Port, Multi-Format Conversion Modules

PESA’s easyPORT Series is a line of versatile, quad-channel, multi-format media conversion modules that offer simple transport media solutions to switch, transcode, convert and extend video signals over copper or fiber optic cabling.

PESA PRO - Signal Conversion & Extender Devices

A line of small, low-cost signal conversion and extender devices for HDMI and DVI applications. Extenders allow HDMI signals to be transported using coax or CAT5/6 cables. Signal conversion devices enable 3G/HD/SD and HDMI video equipment to share and display content.

PESA Blade System - Video Multi-Viewer, Processing and Distribution Modules

Offers video processing modules and circuit card blades conforming to the openGear footprint, for use in the openGear 3.0 frame. Modules include streaming devices, HDMI, DVI and SDI format conversion modules, and multiviewer devices.

VidBlox SL-3G and 3G-SL

Vidblox - SL-3G (TX) & 3G-SL (RX)

PESA’s Vidblox SL-3G (transmitter) and 3G-SL (receiver) modules offer a wide range of capabilities for transport media conversion, resolution scaling, format conversion, and media extension solutions in production, PRO-A/V and broadcast applications.

Vidblox HTR

Vidblox - HTR Series

PESA’s Vidblox HTR (VHTR) module adds HDMI or DVI input and output signal processing capability to compliment the DVI/VGA capability of the Vidblox SL transmitter and receiver products. VHTR and SL/NE modules are fully compatible with one another in transmitter/receiver pairing applications.

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