Media Flexibility | FIPS 140-2

Controls IP, SDI/Baseband/HDMI or Hybrid systems for complete design flexibility


The PESA Secura family of products has one main feature: Military-grade security. Secura units can carry HDMI 2.0 4K video, Audio, and Ancillary Data. PESA’s A/V over IP solutions can carry all these critical media signals using Arista network COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) enterprise switches. The PESA Secura A/V over IP uses FIPS 140-2 encryption making it the kind of case-hardened security our Military customers expect. It’s no wonder why more Military, Government and Corporations choose PESA for critical Command and Control environments.

This Secura Media Management system, like its PERC and Cattrax predecessors, can scale to thousands of endpoints through the sophistication of IP Network fabric thanks to Arista, PESA’s enterprise network switch partner. Along with PESA Secura SDN software, a robust leaf-spine architecture can be created to deliver critical media signals when their needed the most. The PESA Media Management system is built to custom requirements for demanding security to prevent insider threats and unauthorized use.


Media Flexibility

  • HDMI
  • SDI
  • IP
  • KVM
  • USB
  • HDR

Military Grade Security

  • Fips 140-2
  • Common Access Card (CAC) compliant
  • AES256 Encryption
  • JITC IO Certification

Central Control Interface

  • Video and audio devices
  • IP Ethernet Switches
  • KVM and USB
  • SDI / HDMI Baseband routers
  • Control Surfaces


  • Based on the PERC3000, is the central control manager for defining, configuring and managing video, audio and metadata as well as the inherent security domains.
  • Works in small, physically-limited environments as well as large, distributed, network environments for complete system design elasticity.
  • Supports client - server architectures for enhanced physical security.
  • Uses servers in physically secure rack rooms, with secure thin/zero clients and endpoints providing authenticated and restricted access based on individual access authority.​

Secura Media Manager, resides on a PESA server, and consists of six key elements that work together to provide a fully-managed, secure IP media system for Command and Control (C2) applications and media distribution systems. Other services, such as a registration service for IP endpoints, set-up software, security modules, control surface integration and network traffic facilitators, are all integrated into the Secura Media Manager.

  • Cattrax IP – Cattrax IP is the system configuration tool used to construct, configure, define and map networked signals enabling Secura transmitter and receiver endpoints to be controlled via connecting and disconnecting IP flows. Cattrax is also used to configure other devices and services such as panels and control surfaces.
  • X/Y Controller – The X/Y Controller is a traditional hardware control panel interface for sources and destinations that now extends to endpoints for seamless integration.
  • NMOS – Networked Media Open Specification (NMOS) IS-04/05, from the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) is used for Registration and Discovery, identifying senders and receivers in the connected network. The Registration and Discovery Server (RDS) is additionally responsible for network names and addresses.
  • FIPS 140-2 – FIPS 140-2 encryption brings military-grade encryption audio, video and metadata essence flows. Secura A/V over IP and KVM endpoints support FIPS 140-2 encryption in accordance with the standards published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • PERC3000 – PESA Ethernet Router Control (PERC) – Tried and trusted PERC is at the core of the PESA control systems for several years and continues its proud heritage in the era of IP control. The PERC3000 integrates various control and management functions while connecting IP sources and destinations.
    • Virtual Matrix –The Virtual Matrix (VM) is an engine that resides within the PERC3000 controller and provides the ability to connect addresses to names using the Cattrax IP mapping tools. The VM works alongside the Registration and Discovery Server (RDS) server providing controlled access to levels for segregated audio, video, ancillary data and USB flows.
    • RDS Server
    • SDN – Secura’s Software Defined Network (SDN) engine provides the ability to scale a network and to connect thousands of endpoints, while managing leaf and spine network switches. This is a critical component for medium and large network fabrics.

Secura Media Manager provides interfaces to control options, while PESA’s case-hardened encryption and FIPS 140-2 protects your content.

PESA can provide several options for authorized, physical control of media.

  • Hardware button panels
  • Software touch panels/surfaces may be incorporated into a system

Authorization examples for individuals to view and control media:

  • CAC (Conditional Access Card) or
  • Token Key device

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