Control Software and System Controllers

Cattrax and Cattrax Web Control Software

Cattrax™ is PESA’s Windows® based system control software application that allows any PC on a facility network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products in the facility. In addition to its controller and monitoring features, the Cattrax “Virtual Design” capability allows designers and installation engineers to design an entire system without having the actual hardware, thus making installation much quicker and easier.

PESA’s Cattrax Web is a web application for use with the Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 Operating System that allows users to monitor and control a wide variety of PESA routers from virtually any computer with network or internet access to the host server.

User access to Cattrax Web is through a common web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Cattrax Web communicates directly with a PERC2000 or PERC3000 System Controller and performs in many respects as a PESA hardware remote control panel.

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PERC2000™ System Controller

PERC2000 is a system controller in the PESA family with 10/100 Ethernet capabilities for controlling routing switchers via an IP network. Regardless of where the routing switchers are located, the system controller can remotely control router functions. A PERC2000 system controller allows convenient in-frame installation of the controller circuit card. Every Cheetah router frame provides two mounting slots – one for a primary card, and the second for installing a second card for system control redundancy. The PERC2000 is compatible with all existing PESA routing switchers as well as backward compatible with legacy products using the PRC communications protocol.

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PERC3000™ System Controller

The PESA PERC3000™ system controller is a scalable hardware and software system designed to enhance your medium to large scale video and audio router control needs. The PERC3000, PESA’s next generation of enterprise-class control, offers enhanced processing power and speed over PESA’s popular PERC2000 controller. It is specifically designed for large routing installations with multiple high capacity router frames and large numbers of control panels that require maximum computing and processing power.
Collectively, the PERC3000 is a hardware server platform running the PERC3000 software application and managed with PESA’s Cattrax software application installed on a host computer running Microsoft Windows OS. The system controller interfaces to the matrix frames is via an Ethernet connection to provide communications and diagnostics monitoring.

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