Converters and Extenders

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Vidblox: Converters and Scalers for HDMI/DVI/VGA/RGB/RGBHV/YPbPr to SDI Video
The VidBlox transmitter and receiver modules are perfect for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution video over fiber or coax cable. With the ability to output a SMPTE compliant format, the VidBlox modules can be used in broadcast facility routing systems allowing simple integration of DVI or VGA signals alongside traditional 3G-SDI.
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PESA PRO: HDMI Extenders
The PESA PRO HDMI extenders include several models that allow HDMI signals to be extended over a distance using coax and CAT5/6 cables  The PESA PRO products also include HDMI converters to enable different types of 3G/HD/SD and HDMI video equipment to share and display content.
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easyPORT: Utility Switch and multi-port converter
PESA’s easyPORT boxes are multi-format converters that provide a wide range of port options and port density. The easyPORT converters can be configured to support crosspoint switching or conversion for ASI, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI/DVI, and NTSC/PAL.
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Quadbox- Four-Port Extenders and Switchers
PESA’s Quadbox Series transport media converter modules provide a full line of versatile, low cost copper (coax) to fiber/fiber to copper converters for SDI signals; some models include signal routing capability in addition to media conversion
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TX and RX pair

BNC/Fiber Converter/Extender Modules
PESA’s fiber optic video converter and extender modules offer a complete, palm-size solution for extending SD/HD/3G-SDI video from copper coaxial connectors over long distances using a single fiber optic connection.  The BNC/fiber transmitter (TX) module converts a coaxial input signal to a fiber optic transport; and the fiber/BNC receiver (RX) module converts a fiber optic input signal to a coaxial output.  Each device is powered from an included external power supply module.
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