The PESA XSTREAM product family of H.264 hardware encoders and decoders build upon our established broadcast reputation to deliver powerful and affordable multi-channel streaming solutions.   Our streaming solutions work with multiple types of video and audio sources to allow customers to create high quality streaming content from a variety of live events.   Simultaneously stream multiple video types and audio sources with pin-point synchronization of voice and video alignment. Current applications range from live sporting events, live entertainment and concerts, houses of worship, legislative/judicial, classroom environments, and some medical applications.

XSTREAM C58- Multi-Channel H.264 Encoder for Live Streaming

The PESA XSTREAM C58 re-writes the standards for affordable streaming with more video, more audio and more signal format management than any other product on the market. From a compact 1RU package, the rear panel is filled with connector options -simplifying integration and configuration of your audio and video sources.

PESA XSTREAM C58-Click here

XSTREAM C22-Multi-Channel H.264 Encoder and Decoder for Live Streaming

PESA expands the PESA XSTREAM family of multi-channel HD IP streaming devices with the PESA XSTREAM C22. This compact streaming system may be configured as a two port encoder, a two port decoder, or with one port of each.

PESA XSTREAM C22-Click here

C22 Dual Channel h.264 encoder/decoder cards

PESA’s XSTREAM C22-OG Each processing channel is totally independent from the other and can function as a remote client for decoding an H.264 IP stream or an encoder to webcast an IP output stream from a variety of input signal sources.

PESA’s XSTREAM C22-OG-T Encoded streams with definable Program ID’s are multiplexed onto an MPEG Transport Stream. Similarly, streams for decoding are demultiplexed from an incoming MPEG Transport Stream according to the user-defined Program ID’s

Both card types comply with openGear standards for size, form-factor and power consumption. It occupies 2 slots in the openGear 3 frame which means that a single frame can host 20 channels of encode, decode or an arbitrary mix.

C22 encoder/decoder cards-Click here

PESA Live- iOS and Android Live Streaming App

PESA Live is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices that works with the PESA XSTREAM family of hardware and software to allow users to select between different video sources to watch during a live event. The PESA XSTREAM C58 hardware takes a variety of input sources and streams out a unique quad screen that is viewed and controlled by the PESA Live application.

PESA Live-Click here

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