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Cheetah Video Routers

Cheetah Routing Switchers support high definition video for SD/HD/3G-SDI/4K, ASI, Analog Video, Audio embedding, Audio de-embedding, A-D conversion, D-A conversion and CWDM fiber

Video Matrix Switchers

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
PESA’s Cheetah line of routing switchers combine the latest in robust technology with the flexibility required to future proof your investment in large-scale, multi-format, and expandable routing needs. PESA continues to lead in signal routing with the Cheetah’s ability to offer the widest range of frames and card configurations. Designed to support high-quality routing 24/7, Cheetah routing switchers are well suited for government, military, broadcast, mobile, telco, and corporate applications where large numbers of signals need to be switched. Cheetah provides high-quality signal routing with matrix sizes 64X64 up to 1152X1152.

High Density Design
All Cheetah frames are designed to operate in the most harsh environments making them well suited for mobile truck applications or military operation centers. Each frame features hot-swappable modules / cards for easy service and all modules employ the latest in digital technology for lower power consumption. All Cheetah routers incorporate redundant, load-sharing power supplies and feature a superior air flow design for even cooling across all critical components ensuring longer life and preventing board level failures.

Higher Reliability
Input and Output modules support sixteen ports per card, thus limiting the number of signals that can be affected by a single module failure. Since 2001, the Cheetah system architecture has been designed to support mission critical applications. Support for redundant power and redundant control are key elements of the frame package allowing users to easily swap over to backup systems to eliminate operational downtime.

System Flexibility
By offering a flexible crosspoint architecture, Cheetah can support signals from 143Mb/s up to 3Gb/s and can support any broadcast standard including SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, 3G-SDI and 4K in either optical or copper formats. In addition, Cheetah can support fiber CWDM inputs and outputs with up to 16 HD-SDI channels over a single fiber cable. With optional MUX and DEMUX modules, the Cheetah video router can operate seamlessly with PESA’s DRS distributed audio system allowing up to 128 audio channels per card to be embedded or de-embedded within the Cheetah video frame.


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Manage Your Cheetah™ with Cattrax™ or CattraxWEB™

Choose between PESA’s Windows® or Web based system control software application to allow any PC on you network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products within your facility. In addition to its controller and monitoring features, with Cattrax™ “Virtual Design” capability, designers and installation engineers can design an entire system prior to receiving the hardware, thus making installation much easier and quicker.

Cattrax™ is available for military approved products list installations.

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Frame Expansion – By using a modular approach to inputs and outputs, each Cheetah frame can be configured in rectangular or square configurations as low as 16X16. This modular approach provides excellent in-service expansion without requiring complex and expensive frame replacements.

Wide Range of Frame Sizes – With the widest range of frame sizes, Cheetah offers the most compact I/O configurations available. Cheetah can be configured as compact as 288x288 in just 4RU or up to 1152X1152 by looping two 41RU frames. The Cheetah family of routing switchers can easily fit any system requirement – large or small.

Integrated Audio – The Cheetah router can be integrated with the DRS Audio system allowing users the flexibility to route embedded AES or discrete audio with any SDI/HD-SDI video stream. With the DRS compact audio router system and Cheetah MUX/DEMUX modules, users have the ability to reduce overall cost and power consumption. With DRS integrated audio modules, any audio input can be embedded to any video output.

Comprehensive Control – All of PESA’s routing systems are controlled by the most flexible and comprehensive router control system available. Cheetah frames provide internal slots for up-to two system control cards providing complete connectivity control to every input and output. Users can easily control the router system from any number of remote control panels or through the Cattrax network control software. Cheetah frames can be configured by many 3rd party control devices via serial or network connectivity.

Internal Monitoring and Diagnostics – The Cheetah frame provides unmatched performance for signal management and diagnostics. Smart navigational tools allow quick preview of system performance, power supply voltages, interior temperature, and fan speed.

Cheetah Matrix Sizes

  • 64NE/NEX - Matrix: 64 x 64

    Cheetah 64

    SIGNAL: CV, SD, HD | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 4RU

  • 64XE - Matrix: 64 x 128

    Cheetah 64XE

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 6RU

  • 128NE - Matrix: 128 x 128

    Cheetah 128NE

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 7RU

  • 128XE - Matrix: 128 x 256

    Cheetah 128XE

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 11RU

  • 144NE - Matrix: 144 x 144

    Cheetah 144NE” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G | I/O: Fiber
    FRAME: 4RU

  • 288XR - Matrix: 288 x 288

    Cheetah 288XR” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 18RU

  • 288XE - Matrix: 288 x 576

    Cheetah 288XE” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 18RU

  • 576XR - Matrix: 576 x 576

    Cheetah 576XR” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 27RU

  • 864XR - Matrix: 864 x 864

    Cheetah 864XR” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 41RU

  • 1024XR - Matrix: 1024 x 512

    Cheetah 1024XR” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 41RU

  • 1152XR - Matrix: 1152 x 1152

    Cheetah 1152XR” width=

    SIGNAL: SD, HD, 3G, 4K | I/O: Coax, Fiber
    FRAME: 41RU

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