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Next Generation Video Distribution System (VDS)

SMPTE 2022-6/7 | SMPTE 2110 | HDCP | HDR | Uncompressed 4K & IP

The New Benchmark in Advanced Connectivity

Legacy of Innovation
Connectivity requirements in today’s technology environment demand a video distribution system that offers flexibility and capabilities previously unimagined. To meet current and future signal distribution challenges, PESA’s hybrid IP/SDI VDS supports SMPTE 2022-6, NMI, SMPTE 2110 and single port, uncompressed 4K/60 SDI video.

Designed around a high speed core, the FusionACP offers both modular SFP and coaxial cable 12Gbit/S SDI interface ports to provide dynamic connectivity and management for all major signal formats. Built for redundancy and easy upgrade, all major components, including input/output, matrix & control cards are easily accessed from the front.

All FusionACP signal paths conform to SMPTE 259, 292, 372, 424 and 2082; plus, FusionACP also supports DVB-ASI (270 Mbps) and MADI (125 Mbps) digital audio.

Solid, Reliable System Architecture
Fusion is available in two frame sizes; an 18RU frame that can be populated up to 576x576; and a 9 RU frame for matrix sizes up to 288x288. Both frames feature easy-access, front-loading of all major components - including input, output, matrix & control cards. All plug-in circuit cards and power supplies can be hot-swapped at any time. Connectivity to the frame is provided by rear-panel blades available as fixed coax and SFP cages for IP, fiber and coax.

High speed CAN bus communications control channels and 1GbE network connections to each card slot in the frame provide internal communication between system components. Full control redundancy is available, if desired. Fusion’s frame control system utilizes a Linux driven, dual core, ARM processor for managing control. The frame controller communicates over Ethernet to each matrix card, which, in turn, communicates with it’s dedicated group of I/O cards.

Flexible Signal I/O
Signal input and output connections are made through either of two styles of rear I/O blades. Both blades provide 16 input and 16 output channels. Each blade mates to a single, front-accessible I/O circuit card which contains active circuitry for the signal paths it supports.

The coax I/O blade utilizes 16 individual HDBNC connectors for inputs and 16 HDBNC’s for outputs. Each channel provides AutoEQ and integrated Reclockers for each input, individual multi-rate output cable drivers for each output.

The fiber I/O blade supports 8 dual SFP input cages for a total of 16 input channels and 8 dual SFP output cages for a total of 16 output channels, utilizing any of a wide variety of available SFP modules. All SFPs can be hot-swapped at any time.

SFP Connectivity
SFP modules greatly enhance the I/O connectivity of each Fusion ACP fiber I/O blade. Modules for various signal and connector types may be intermixed within a single fiber blade. Each SFP cage is dual channel and supports a single SFP module for up to 16 input and output signals per fiber blade.

Available SFP I/O modules:

  • Single-channel input or output module for SMPTE 2022-6 compliant SDI over IP, with optical fiber interface
  • Dual-channel input or output module for multi-rate SDI up to 3G, with HDBNC for coax, or LC fiber interface
  • Dual-channel input or output module for multi-rate SDI HD to 12G, with HDBNC for coax, or LC fiber interface
  • Dual-channel, 3G multi-rate CWDM output module for multiple wavelengths, with single-mode fiber optic interface
  • Single-channel HDMI to HD-SDI converter, for SFP input channel
  • Single-channel HD-SDI to HDMI converter, for SFP output channel
  • Dual-channel analog input module for NTSC or PAL to SD conversion, with HDBNC for coax
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    Control & Management with Cattrax or CattraxWEB

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    Cattrax™ is available for military approved products list installations.

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