Build Your IP Video Distribution System and Secure It Too!

Arista and PESA Seminar – AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND!

Join Arista and PESA to learn how to design and build a secure IP video distribution system (VDS-IP) for control and monitoring of sensitive, high value and potentially classified audio, video and USB signals. PESA’s Secura® Video Distribution System provides multi-classification security with government level encryption technology to keep your assets safe. Together, with the reliability and flexibility of Arista’s IP network infrastructure and Cloud Vision EOS tools, a formidable, secure VDS-IP solution is unleashed with tangible benefits:

• Improve situational awareness for rapid, accurate decisions with uncompressed (up to 4K UHD), high-quality video
• Increase security for all video, audio, USB and KVM control signals
• Manage multiple video formats and multiple levels of authorization in one system
• Accelerate room reconfiguration and maximize efficiency


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