PESA Video Distribution – Securing a Nation – a CEO Perspective

PESA has long been known as a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) Router company with a long record of success in both Broadcast and Government markets.  With the launch, two years ago, of the largest frames of single link 12G SDI routers in the world, built on a 25G internal core (not quad 3G), PESA continues that legacy of innovation and of being not only first, but the best.

But that legacy isn’t enough for PESA. Three years ago, PESA developed a patent pending scrambling technology for SDI to protect video.  Not only a first in the industry, but a significant milestone in the history of the company as PESA turned its focus towards secure video distribution systems (VDS) with a goal of “securing the nation”.

At a time when security is front and center, the PESA secure video distribution roadmap is both exciting and aggressive.  The first release of Secura® VDS provides an enhanced level of IP security, utilizing both encryption and AES 256 static keys to ensure content and data protection.

While these protections meet a majority of today’s security requirements, PESA won’t stop there. Our goal at PESA, of securing the nation, provides a seamless path forward to attain the most stringent and comprehensive video security implementation on the planet.

PESA 2020 and beyond is not just about securing your assets and information; it’s about securing your nation.

– Howard Sutton, CEO, PESA

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