What are the Top 5 features of a Secure VDS-IP System?

#1 Media must be secure

Video, Audio and Data (KVM, HDMI, Control) cannot be accidentally accessed and decoded, even if intercepted.

PESA Secura VDS-IP system uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a specification of encryption for electronic data, which was established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AES was adopted by the U.S. Federal Government and is now used worldwide. Secura’s encryption works with AES-256 keys to prevent decoding of the media signals by any unauthorized device, even if the signal is intercepted.

#2 Authorized Access Only

Confidential information is limited to those people vetted and authorized to access it.

Secura uses several levels of protection for ensuring only authorized access. First, Secura devices use encryption and require AES-256 static keys on devices to decode the signal. Second, Secura Media Manager uses a system of internal levels and user groups to reduce the availability of content to only those with the proper level of security clearance.

#3 Real-Time Operation

These systems cannot afford delay. Decisions need to be made. Lives are on the line.

Secura provides non-blocking interconnectivity between multiple systems and classifications for collaboration without the need for old-school, difficult to manage tie lines. Secura endpoints and control system components, paired with Arista network switches for IP transport, provide not only real-time operation and switching, but also provide images with up to 4K resolution for crisp and accurate information.

#4 Small Footprint

Secure facilities are often operating where space is limited or expensive.

One of the great things about Secura is its small size. Secura Media Manager and Secura encoders occupy very little space and can be placed in a rack room, away from workstations. Secura endpoints can be mounted behind monitors to free up even more desktop space, which is important when space is scarce. Secura may be tiny, but it is mighty powerful.

#5 Sustainable and Reliable

These systems must have a long lifespan, with ability to expand and grow without risk of obsolesce. Particularly since many VDS systems operate in secure, hard to reach facilities.

Secura is designed, as are all PESA products, for ease of maintenance, operation and with a special consideration for growth. Secura is scalable/expandable linearly from 24 ports to over 3,000 ports without obsolesce risk, plus there is no requirement to purchase more up-front equipment than initially necessary in order to allow for future growth.

As you can see, PESA Secura VDS-IP has all of these “Top 5” features, and more! 

For the best solution in Secure Audio, Video and KVM, look to PESA, for security and peace of mind. If you would like to learn more about Secura please click here or contact sales@pesa.com.

– Randy Lloyd, PESA

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