PESA Promotes Scott Barella to Chief Technology Officer

Scott Barella To Lead Technology Direction for Secure Video, Audio, USB and KVM Distribution and Extension Technology Leader

Huntsville, Alabama –April 26, 2021 —

PESA Switching Systems, a global developer of high-performance secure, video, audio, USB and KVM distribution announced today that Barella has been officially promoted to Chief Technology Officer.

Based in Colorado, Mr. Barella brings over 22 years of experience in the broadcast and video industry across seven Network Stations, from transmitters to broadcast routing and IP solutions. In addition, Mr. Barella has 11 years of Television Systems Integration and over 14 years’ experience in OEM manufacturing. During this time, he was also active in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), as an active voting participant in the 32NF60 (ST 2110) Technical Working Group.  His IP experience extends into the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) where he was the Vice Chair of the Working Group.  

In his new role, Mr. Barella will lead PESA’s charge into the secure IP domain, leading a seasoned development team with a track record of developing successful products on schedule.  He is currently working on PESA’s new flagship product, called Secura.  Secura is a new highly-secure video, audio, USB and KVM extension and distribution system over IP, which offers the most secure solution available on the market.  To learn more about Secura® click here

“Scott Barella has a pioneering spirit in his quest for secure IP media solutions.  He has tremendous experience with Audio/Video solutions and is now applying his knowledge of IP and Security.” said Howard Sutton, executive chairman of PESA. “We look forward to leveraging Scott’s experience and vision as we develop and expand our secure video, audio, USB and KVM distribution solution, ensuring sensitive media is safe from both insider and external threats.”

To learn more, please join Scott for a free webinar on IP.  Register here to save your place or view on-demand at a later date.

More information is available at or contact Scott directly via email at

About PESA

PESA is a leading supplier of cybersecure live video distribution solutions to the government, professional and broadcast market. As a leading innovator in securing IP low latency and high-resolution capability from source to glass, PESA is used in zero trust environments that require mission critical performance. Defense, government, media and entertainment, broadcast, and commercial customers trust PESA’s reliable, high-quality products for high performance, high availability, security, and ease of use. PESA offers the only certified secure, encrypted, end-to-end video distribution system (VDS), including keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM). In addition, PESA offers the largest (highest-density) 4K-12G/SDI, single-link router in the world. 

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