PESA has a long and innovative history of providing video distributions systems to United States military and defense customers. The Department of Defense, The White House, NASA, and many of the nation’s prestigious government agencies have found PESA solutions dependable, trustworthy, and secure. PESA has decades of extensive past performance delivering mission-driven solutions at all levels of government.

Video Distribution systems are the eyes (video) and ears (audio) of command-and-control centers, operations centers, situation rooms and other venues where audio-video data is critical for assessment, decision, and action

PESA is now offering SECURA®, the most advanced software-defined video distribution system (SDVDS) in the market today. SECURA® is an ultra-secure VDS and KVM, all-in-one system designed for operation in facilities that require multiple independent levels of security (MILS), high quality, low latency video from across a network, from on-premise to the Cloud and all the way to the edge of the Cloud.

Mission critical situations in defense, homeland security, and law enforcement demand high-quality distribution and protection of critical AV data. Military Command Centers rely on the extremely detailed imagery for C5ISR needed or critical decisions. SECURA delivers the most advanced, the most secure, the most scalable and the most versatile software-defined VDS for tactical and strategic applications across multiple domains.

Developed to meet the current and future needs of the U.S. government, SECURA is the ideal VDS platform for federal systems integrators and cloud service providers to enable them to provide mission-driven command and control solutions to their government customers.


As a long-term provider of mission-critical VDS equipment for Military Command and Control as well as to numerous agencies within the US Intelligence Community, PESA Video Distribution Systems are used all over the globe when the mission is to ensure maximum security control and management of proprietary video and assets.

But our past is only the beginning. Today, PESA is at the forefront of IP video routing technology. Our SECURA products offer maximum security, content encryption and a host of other innovations to ensure we always have the solution for whatever the mission.

Contact us today. The PESA team will help you specify, design and implement the solution that best meets your specific needs. Mission-Critical Audio and Video is not just a slogan – it’s what we do.


GSA Contract Info

PESA (Contract Award GS-03F-062BA) is listed under Schedule 58: Professional Audio/Video, Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing, and Signal Data Solutions. Through the program, its products are available on GSA Advantage, an online shopping site for government agencies, and are eligible for Blanket Purchase Agreements and Contractor Team Arrangements.

Contract#: GS-03F-062BA
Cage Code: OMJ96
DUNS #: 793013822
Schedule 58 I ; SIN 58-1

GSA Contract

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Military Defense


  • Both IP and Matrix-based 4K Secure VDS
  • Any Classification, Any common AV/IT format, Single System, Simultaneously
  • Mission Critical Audio & Video Management & Distribution with redundancy for 24/7 reliability and resilience
  • GSA available
  • Route secure classified and unclassified video content simultaneously
  • Both knowledge management and information sharing of video
  • Full motion video / Incident Awareness & Assessment (FMV/IAA): highest quality images to use for critical decision making
  • Create secure environments to ensure secure video

Use Cases

PESA offers a broad range of products from video and audio signal processing for command and control, surveillance, situation rooms, and training and communications needs.


Control and Information Data Management

As a pioneer in both the government communications and audio/video markets, PESA has a concise understanding of the critical role that video, audio, data and surveillance play in serving the needs of the military.

C4ISR, Training, Rapid Deployment

Military installations worldwide are always looking at ways to update their communications infrastructure with new technologies. As a leading supplier of global broadcast and government communications solutions PESA is the go-to company enabling modern communications systems for audio, video and data communications including the ability to ingest, deliver, and disseminate high-resolution video in real time for operations training, information, and intelligence purposes.

rocket launch


For three decades, NASA and Commercial Space Launch Operators have counted on PESA  audio and video distribution products for key mission control environments. With equipment located in every major mission control and launch installation in the United States, PESA provides the resources for audio, video and  data communications between facilities in both remote and local sites for dependable and accurate communication transport.

When mission-critical reliability is a must, NASA depends on PESA equipment for high resolution analysis purposes with data and video distributed over closed circuit television between several centers. When video is being distributed within NASA centers, or between NASA centers, it is critical that it is the best quality for precise and accurate informational value.

  • PESA offers state-of-the-art audio and video distribution solutions that allow video analysts to distribute and archive high-resolution images, frame-by-frame, while annotating specific information for later review.

Unified Capabilities (UC) Operating Environment
• US DoD JITC IO/IA Tested & Certified for UC environment
• Multiple projects in classified environments

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing
• VDS architecture: common routing/signal distribution transport
• SMPTE standards for inter- and intra-agency sharing
• H.264 streaming available

Full Motion Video/Incident Awareness & Assessment (FMV / IAA)
• Full motion, uncompressed video
• Multiple displays; multiple formats; distributed locations

Transformational Communications
• Flexible/Adaptable/Configurable: legacy & future formats
• Analog to digital upgrade: Easy SFP; reduce SWAP
• Connectivity options: coax, fiber optic, HDMI, CAT-5

C4 Integration Process
• COTS components
• Interoperable; expandable; redundant

PESA has provided video distribution solutions to its government customers for nearly four decades, with special considerations for agencies that require high-performance assurance and interoperability in command and control environments,” stated Chuck Tillett, former President and COO. “PESA’s products are currently used by many military and government agencies.”

Military & Defense Solutions

Our Customers


• Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
• Edwards Air Force Base
• Wright Patterson Air Force Base
• Vandenberg Air Force Base
• Nellis Air Force Base
• Hill Air Force Base
• Air Force Space Command
• Langley Air Force Base
• Barksdale Air Force Base
• Air Force News, Lackland Air Force Base
• Peterson Air Force Base
• MacDill Air Force Base
• U.S. Air Force Central Command
• Davis-Monthan Air Force Base


• VA Medical Centers
• U.S. Park Service
• White House Communications Agency
• Social Security Administration
• Centers for Disease Control
• Los Alamos National Laboratory
• U.S. House of Representatives
• Department of State Broadcasting Board of Governors
• Canada House of Commons
• Municipal First Responders


• U.S. Army Briefing Center, Pentagon
• Redstone Test Center, Redstone Arsenal
• Fort Hood
• White Sands Missile Range
• U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks
• Joint Base Lewis-McChord
• U.S. Army Central Command
• U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command


• Stennis Space Center
• Goddard Space Flight Center
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• Kennedy Space Center
• Marshall Space Center
• Ames Research Center
• Johnson Space Center
• Glenn Research Center
• Commercial Space Launch Operations


• National Military Command Center
• Combatant & Combined Commands
• Joint Staff Organizations & Activities
• Defense Media Activity:
     – American Forces Radio & Television
     – The Pentagon Channel
     – AFN Europe
     – AFN Korea
     – AFN Direct to Sailor


• CVA, CVN Aircraft Carriers
• LHA, LHD, LPD, Assault Carriers
• DDG, AEGIS Crusiers
• Naval School of Health Sciences
• Naval Command Centers
• Naval Experimental Diving Unit
• NAS Pensacola
• NSWC Port Hueneme
• NAWC China Lake A
• NSWC Dahlgren
• NAS Patuxent River
• NAS Fallon (TOPGUN)
• U.S. Fleet Forces Command
• Naval Media Center

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Technical paper: PESA and the U.S. DoD Unified Capabilities Approved Product List – PESA Cheetah with Release 5.1

Brochure: Government Solutions – When Audio and Video are Mission Critical

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