Entertainment venues come in all shapes and sizes, some even float!

The unique PRO A/V support infrastructure required by each one is as varied as the venue itself. PESA understands that no two applications are the same and offers broadcast-quality PRO A/V routing and processing solutions to satisfy your requirements, whatever they may be.


PESA is renowned for dependability and has a long history in the entertainment industry. Major television networks, broadcast stations, remote program providers and numerous cable networks trust PESA for around the clock reliability. Should your venue not also have the best?

PESA offers traditional matrix-based routers for analog and SDI video up to 12G/4K resolution plus a full line of processing gear for format conversion, resolution scaling, and signal processing.

PESA’s Secura products are at the very forefront of IP routing solutions offering high-resolution routing over network infrastructures. Plus, our Secura routing solutions incorporate the very latest in program security technology including FIPS 140-2 level encryption of the transport streams. This technology allows you to have the same security on your proprietary program content that is used by military and government agencies to protect sensitive and classified data.


  • Legendary PESA reliability for critical communications
  • Broadcast-quality video for the highest level of clarity and content integrity
  • Signal conversion and resolution scaling
  • FIPS140 compliant encrypted IP routing for the ultimate in DoD level content security
  • 24/7 customer service by phone or email – whenever you need help PESA is here for you
  • Unified control systems for all A/V infrastructure components

Use Cases

In our 47 history, PESA has worked with countless numbers of theaters, playhouses, and performing arts centers – in addition to some not so traditional entertainment venues; and we’ve wound up in some pretty interesting places.


Cruise Ships

You’ll find PESA routing gear on cruise ship fleets providing all shipboard video distribution functions. We even designed a scheduling system whereby video feeds to staterooms can automatically be switched by time and day of the week settings, thus bypassing expensive automation equipment and freeing up the technical crew for tasks other than tending to the router when its time make a programming change.

Typical Shipboard Video Display System
Typical Shipboard Video Display System


On a smaller scale, our compact routers are widely used by auditoriums for distributing video feeds from playout equipment or live cameras to monitor points throughout the facility.

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