Your organizations need equipment built for 24/7 operations.

Understandably, in highly regulated environments – the quality or the video and the ability to change or adapt swiftly between sources is a must. The PESA routers, extension, converters, and streaming solutions help simplify and speed the delivery of video and audio sources to feed large video walls in military operation centers or corporate environments to monitor security, plant operations, and other information that needs to be distributed to many screens at the same time.



In critical global operations centers and control rooms, the equipment installed in these environments must be designed for 24/7 operations and deliver pristine video quality to any destination required. We build PESA solutions to operate in some of the most demanding environments in existence. Many of our systems and solutions are installed inside mobile broadcast trucks and driven around on the highways for years at a time from one live event to the next. We also have equipment deployed on ships and other military vehicles that travel in areas where downtime is not an option. Being trusted in these types of environments is a testament to how well PESA products perform and how well they are designed.

Critical Infrastructure
CI Benefits


  • Improve critical communications – Deliver important time sensitive information quickly and easily with professional equipment
  • High quality accurate video, audio and data capture and transport
  • Quickly change between sources
  • Simplify delivery
  • Deliver video and audio rapidly to multiple destinations
  • Designed for demanding 24/7 environments
  • Fiber optics and coax

Use Cases



PESA products support live and recorded transmission in either a centralized or distributed production design.



PESA products provide distribution solutions supporting localized or global transport requirements in fiber or copper cabling solutions.


Online Streaming

Encode and steam multiple channels to CDNs for online distribution or use multiple encoders/decoders for point to point contribution links.


Broadcast Fiber

Our 3G-SDI fiber distribution products are installed in 24/7 mission critical operations across the world. PESA products support commonly used broadcast standards used for video transports for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, and H.264.

News Highlight

“Leveraging our long time experience building mission critical routing systems, PESA is confident that our system will provide the secure and trustworthy performance that NASA demands for 24/7 operations,” added Chuck Tillett, president and COO of PESA. “We are very proud to have been selected for this important project and to have Lockheed Martin as one of our JITC-compliant VDS solution customers.”

Space Station

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