Mid-Sized 3G Routing Switchers




PESA’s Jaguar-3 64X64 matrix switcher routes SMPTE and ITU standard serial digital video signals; plus it supports embedded audio and other ancillary data required for HD-SDI and DVI/ASI broadcast sources. For digital cinema high definition video distribution requirements, the Jaguar-3 can be configured to switch SMPTE 372M dual-link HD-SDI in configurations up to 32X32. Jaguar-3 is perfect for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI switching applications in digital cinema, telemedicine, O&P, high end presentation rooms, satellite imaging, military command centers, and simulation/visualization environments.

Although small in size – it occupies only 2RU of rack space, Jaguar-3 is big on performance – supporting standard data rates from 270Mbps up to 3Gbps, and video transports up to 1080p/60. All inputs are auto-equalized; and with standard SMPTE formatted outputs, each signal is auto-sensed and re-clocked to the appropriate transport stream. Signals can be re-clocked up to 80m for 1080p/60. For non-standard formats, re-clocking circuitry can be set to by-pass mode.

Two independent reference inputs allow easy selection of gen-lock from a black burst or tri-level sync source. The compact frame design features front load / hot swappable card sets and includes space for an optional redundant power supply and controller module. Jaguar-3 provides control ports that allow configuring the frame for a variety of control interfaces including Ethernet control, PESA’s PERC2000 or 3500Pro, and PESA’s new Cattrax graphical user control interface; plus it can be used with PESA’s full range of control panels.

PESA’s Cattrax is an intuitive, easy to use GUI control system supporting the Jaguar-3 as well as the full line of PESA router frames. It is installed on a host PC running the Windows® operating system and communicates via an Ethernet port located on each router. For large, high-speed digital interface switching systems, the Cattrax full-feature Control and Management software application supports comprehensive configuration, diagnostics and monitoring.


  • Small frame size – 64X64 in 2 RU
  • SD/HD/3G Multi-rate from 143 Mbps to 3 Gbps
  • Auto-equalization on all inputs
  • Auto-reclocking or by-pass mode on all outputs
  • Digital video signals for SMPTE 259M, 292M, 372M, 424M
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable matrix, power, control for 24/7 operations
  • Redundant power, control, matrix cards available
  • Wide range of rack-mount and desktop control panels
  • Supports PESA router control and many 3rd party control systems
  • Low power consumption

Jaguar Ecosystem

PNET Control Panel: PESA Network Remote Control Panel

The PNET series of network enabled remote control panels are designed specifically to operate with the Small Scale System Controller. Each panel is only 2 inches deep and fits in any standard rack system. The panels are connected using standard RJ-45 jacks and include a looping CATx connector for adding additional panels in series.

Specs & Ordering Info


Digital Specifications

Number 64 Inputs and 64 Outputs
Connector Type 75 Ohm, self-terminating, unbalanced BNCs with auto-equalization conforming to SMPTE 259M-C, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M
Return Loss >15dB from 1Mhz to 1.5Ghz
>10dB, 1.5Ghz to 3GHz
Input cable equalization 300m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 270Mbps
100m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 1.5Gbps
80m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 3Gbps
Output Signal Level 800mVpp, +/-10%

Digital Signal Performance

Inputs/Outputs for Coax
Rise/Fall Time < 600 ps, +/- 10% | SMPTE 259M
< 270 ps | SMPTE 292M
< 135ps | SMPTE 424M
Overshoot < 10% of amplitude ( max.)
Alignment Jitter < 0.2UI , 100kHz to 150MHz
< 0.3UI, 150MHz to 300MHz
Timing Jitter < 1.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 259/292
< 2.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 424M
Reference Inputs Two independent 75 ohm BNC connectors,
0.5Vpp to 2.0Vpp; PAL, NTSC or Tri-Level sync
Data Rates Supported 143Mbps to 3.0Gbps

Miscellaneous Specifications

Dimensions 2RU
19.00W X 3.50H X 14.75D
482.6mm X 88.90mm X 372.65mm
AC Power Connections IEC 320C6 socket (accepts IEC 320 C5 line cord)
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Operating Humidity 90% non-condensing
Control Supports single-bus, multi-bus and XY control panels, using external system controller
Panel Communications RS-485 / 3 pin detachable
Control Communications RS-232 / 422 / Ethernet
Connector Type 9 pin D-SUB, RJ-45
Warranty 3 years parts and labor


JAG3G-64X64-BNC-1Jaguar, 3G-SDI, 64X64, PS, PRC Control, Order Controller Separately
JAG3G-32X32-BNC-1Jaguar, 3G-SDI, 32X32, PS, PRC Control, Order Controller Separately
JAG3G-MATRIXJaguar Video Matrix Card. Provides 32 inputs and 32 outputs
JAG3G-MAINFRAMEMainframe Assembly w/o PS,CTRL, Matrix Card
JAG3G-PSFCPower Supply, 95V-250VAC, 125W, 24VDC, with fan and control
PERC1500-JAGPERC1500 Small Scale System Controller for Jaguar frames


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