Powerful 3G HD/SDI Video Router for Compact Spaces

Compact 32X32 Router for SD/HD/3G in 1RU



The Cougar 3 provides a reliable and highly effective method of switching SDI equipment
PESA’s Cougar 3 routing switcher combines exceptional resilience with cost, space and power efficiency; in part to our highly effective method of packaging a professional grade router solution is just a 1 RU space. The Cougar 3 matrix provides a simple, reliable, and highly effective method of streamlining any installation using multiple sources and outputs. Each 3G-SDI source is accessible at all times from any location using an optional front-panel pushbutton panel or by using the PESA software GUI for network control and switching commands. This product supports redundant power supplies for worry-free 24/7 operation.

An Affordable routing switcher solution for small to mid-sized digital video distribution
Simplify the process of routing by connecting all the equipment in your facility to a single broadcast grade routing switcher that features 16 inputs and 16 outputs for auto-switching SD, HD, and 3G-SDI, all in a compact rack mount chassis. The PRO-3GSDI-1616 supports redundant internal power supply, redundant control, network capabilities, and the option for either a local or remote pushbutton control panel.

Direct rear panel connections eliminate the worry about future expansion
Creative designers, editors and graphic artists understand the need to plan for future growth in source connections. The cost-per-port provides a great way to plan for system growth- even when less than 32×32 is needed.  For systems using less than 32 inputs or outputs, SDI cabling can be pre-installed and then new connection activated on your schedule. Large production and broadcast facilities understand the advantages of this flexible option and now with the Cougar 3, everyone can easily plan for future expansion.


High density cable management: Each PESA 32×32 Routing Switcher supports up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs of SDI video in only 1RU.

Fault-tolerant design: designed for 24/7 worry-free operations with options supporting redundant power supplies and control system.

Size, weight, and power: Compact size allows maximum connections in the smallest amount  of space while weighing less than 12lbs and consuming less than 150 watts.

Powerful router control: Designed to grow with your needs, the PESA control system offers a full complement of user interface options with an easy-to-use GUI, software control panels, and full featured Ethernet pushbutton panels.

High definition performance:
Superior performance over coax cable lets you fully exploit cost-effective cabling without degrading video quality.


  • Compact 1RU frame size with internal power supply
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p60
  • Ethernet interface for remote control via network control software
  • Optional dual power supply for worry-free 24/7 operations
  • Front load, hot swap matrix and control cards
  • Backward compatible with SDI and HD-SDI signals
  • Auto-equalization on all inputs
  • Auto-reclocking on all outputs
  • Coaxial inputs up to 100m over RG-59
  • Low power consumption
  • Front panel control buttons for local switching (option)

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PNet Network Control Panels

The PNet series of network enabled remote control panels are designed specifically to operate with the Small Scale System Controller when used in Cougar and Jaguar routers. Each panel is only 2 inches deep and fits in any standard rack system. The panels are connected using standard RJ-45 jacks and include a looping CATx connector for adding additional panels in series. Individual pushbutton switches provide selections for source, destination, level and panel control functions.

Cougar Ecosystem

Flexible and Attractive Router Control Panels

When you want total flexibility in router control connections, then the PNET panel is for you. Each PNET panel has push-buttons for every input source and output destination. Simply select the output destination desired and then select which input source you want to connect. You can change every source and destination assigned to the panel as well as set a local lock to prevent others from making switch commands. Each PNET panel includes a looping Ethernet port to loop several control panels over a signal bus. Each PNET panel uses standard Ethernet networking to simply plug into the existing computer network.

PESA’s PNET Router control panels are designed to fit in the tightest locations. Communication to the control panel is via an RJ-45 connector and can be located directly on the front of the router or remotely up to 300 feet away. Each panel is less than 2 inches deep and can easily be mounted in a 1RU rack space.  You get attractive relengendable buttons that are illuminated by LEDs for bright and clear display.

Custom Network Management Software Included at No Additional Cost

If you are looking for the most cost effective options for router control, then the Cougar 3 small scale control system is your best option. Each Cougar 3 includes the easy-to-use CATTRAX control software which allows users to setup physical X/Y push-button control panels, custom on-screen user panels, or routing capabilities directly from a PC desktop through an intuitive cell-based GUI.

CATTRAX installs on any PC and connects via Ethernet to the Cougar 3. Any computer on the local network with CATTRAX software loaded can access the router. When activated, the software allows users to configure the system, setup control panels, diagnose problems, and monitor health of the total system.

When you want the best in an X/Y control, then PNET soft panels looks fantastic when installed on a dedicated all in one computer with touch screen such as a HP TouchSmart. With a touch screen computer all routing can be done by pressing buttons directly on screen.

A Routing System Tailored Around the Latest Technology for 3G-SDI Distribution

The Cougar 3 is based on advanced 3G-SDI technology allowing users the most professional access to true SMPTE compliant broadcast solutions today. All Cougar 3 Routers include SDI reclocking to keep a perfect video signal with longer cable runs. Backed by PESA’s reputation of nearly forty years of true broadcast experience, these routers support internal redundant power supplies, power fail protection and hot cross-over software for redundant control when needed in mission critical applications.

Includes High Quality SDI Equalizers and Reclockers up to 3Gb/s

To ensure no-glitch video on longer distance cables, each Cougar 3 includes equalizers on each input and reclockers on every output. With SDI equalizers, your cameras, DVR’s or high definition video sources can be installed on longer distance cables without the worry of serious signal degradation. On each output, reclockers allow signals to be re-generated at the appropriate data rate for SMPTE compliant SDI-SDI, HD-SDI, or 3G-SDI. With reclocking at 3Gb/s, high performance video signals such as HD or 2K in 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 can be connected.

Easy to share SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI Signals Simultaneously

PESA’s Cougar 3 makes it easy to run SD/HD/3G equipment simultaneously. The router can auto detect a SMPTE compliant input and pass it through the switch fabric unchanged. Each output can status the signal format and auto adjust the reclocking output to match. For signal output formats that cannot be detected, the router automatically sets the output to by-pass mode.

Specs & Ordering Info


Digital Specifications

Number 16 or 32
Connector Type 75 Ohm, self-terminating, unbalanced BNCs with auto-equalization conforming to SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M
Return Loss >15dB from 1Mhz to 1.5Ghz
>10dB, 1.5Ghz to 3GHz
Input cable equalization 300m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 270Mbps
100m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 1.5Gbps
80m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 3Gbps
Output Signal Level 800mVpp, +/-10%

Digital Signal Performance

Rise/Fall Time < 600 ps, +/- 10% | SMPTE 259M
< 270 ps | SMPTE 292M
< 135ps | SMPTE 424M
Overshoot < 10% of amplitude ( max.)
Alignment Jitter < 0.2UI from 100kHz to 150MHz SMPTE259M/292M
< 0.3UI from 150MHz to 300MHz SMPTE424M.
Timing Jitter < 1.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 259M/292M
< 2.0UI from 10Hz to 100kHz | SMPTE 424M
Reference Inputs Two independent 75 ohm BNC connectors,
0.5Vpp to 2.0Vpp; PAL, NTSC or Tri-Level sync
Data Rates Supported 143Mbps to 3.0Gbps

Physical Specifications

Form Factor 1RU
Dimensions 19.00W X 3.50H X 14.75D
482.6mm X 88.90mm X 372.65mm
Weight 12lbs

Environmental & Miscellaneous

Control Supports single-bus, multi-bus and XY control panels, using external system controller
Serial 422 PRC I/F 4-wire, full duplex, multi-drop, serial RS422 port capable of accepting PESA PRC control protocol
AC Input Connections IEC 320C6 socket (accepts IEC 320 C5 line cord)
Network Control Supports PESA P-NET series of remote and local control panels
NOTE: Used with SSC Controller or CATTRAX software.
Network panels will not operate with P2K or 3500PRO
Input Voltage 90-260 VAC, 47-63Hz
Operational Temp 0-40°C
Operational Humidity 90% Non-condensing


Cougar 3G-SDI Router – PS, No Controller
CG3G-32X32-BNCCougar 32X32, 3G-SDI, BNC, PS, No Controller
CG3G-16X16-BNCCougar 16X16, 3G-SDI, BNC, PS, No Controller
CG3G1616-BNC-SSC3-1Cougar 16X16, 3G-SDI, BNC, Control, PS
CG3G1616-BNC-SSC3-1PCougar 16X16, 3G-SDI, BNC, Control, PS, PB panel
CG3G3232-BNC-SSC3-1Cougar 32X32, 3G-SDI, BNC, Control, PS
CG3G3232-BNC-SSC3-1PCougar 32X32, 3G-SDI, BNC, Control, PS, PB panel
SSC3-CG3Cougar 3 Small Scale Control, with Power Supply, No PS cord
SSC3-CG3-1Cougar 3 small scale controller


Cougar Matrix Card Assemblies – 3GSDI


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