A scalable control system that grows with your needs

System Controllers like the PERC3000 and the Cattrax control software enable control, configuration and diagnostics across an entire Enterprise Audio and Video routing system and the remote control panels.


System control software application that allows any PC on a facility network to become a full-featured controller and status monitor for all PESA processing products in the facility.

Cattrax Web

Use your basic web browser as the interface to control your router system from any remote location.


PERC3000 Control System

A router control solution is a scalable hardware and software system designed to enhance your medium to large scale video and audio router control needs.


  • Ultra Responsive Controller Design
  • Full Range of Software Capabilities
  • Wide Range of Highly Adapted Panels
  • Control Flexibility
  • Flexible Router System Architectures
  • Legacy Router Integration
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