Ethernet Control System

An Enterprise-class Control System for the Most Demanding A/V Switch Environments


PESA’s server-based Ethernet Router Control, PERC3000, is a high-speed, high-capacity system controller for PESA routing and video distribution systems. The PERC3000 router control solution is a scalable hardware and software system specifically designed for large routing installations with multiple high capacity router frames and large numbers of control panels that require maximum computing and processing power. Its modular design lets broadcasters and mission critical A/V technicians select just the level of control they need while taking advantage of enhanced processing power and speed.

A scalable control system that grows with your needs
Collectively, the PERC3000 is a hardware server platform running the PERC3000 software applications and managed with PESA’s Cattrax software application installed on a host computer running Microsoft Windows OS. The system controller interfaces to the matrix frames is via an Ethernet connection to provide communications and diagnostics monitoring.

Proven and powerful platform
The controller hardware frame is housed in a stand-alone 1RU chassis with Ethernet connections and integrated USB keyboard and mouse ports for easy configuration.

Includes locking tamper-proof front door and easy to see system monitoring LEDs.

PERC3000 control systems are built around commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) interface devices pre-configured to operate with commands and configuration procedures from the Cattrax software application and are directly compatible with PESA’s Secura Touch-Panel controllers, and the suite of “Smart” programmable control panels (Touch 72, Smart 32 and MultiBus XY) as well as other third-party control panels.


  • Up to 17 switching levels
  • Up to 64 matrixes
  • Tieline support for 256 interconnects
  • Up to 256 salvos
  • Up to 4800 source and destination names
  • GUI interface through PESA’s Cattrax or Cattrax-J
  • Off-line configuration capabilities
  • Virtual matrix mapping
  • Software re-entry
  • Full on-line diagnostics
  • Matrix breakup/segmentation
  • Support a single crosspoint router or systems up to 7680x7680

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Cattrax is PESA’s router setup and control software offering administrators and workflow designers a distinct interface to configure and monitor real-time switching environments. As an intuitive, feature-rich interface, Cattrax offers incredible “easy-to-use” capabilities to setup multiple routing switcher frames, control panels, and edge devices for signal conversion and scaling.

The software automatically synchronizes with the routing system to retrieve configuration information, including switch settings, source names, destination names, salvos, levels, break-aways, and other health and diagnostics information necessary to maintain a healthy router system. Cattrax provides a quick interface to make switch commands, fire salvos and perform multi-destination takes without the need for external hardware panels. It also provides an easy method of saving files for backup or reloading configuration files for fast retrieval when multiple I/O settings are needed during events such as live broadcast or staging events.

Ultra Responsive Controller Design

• Zero delay switching actions
• Upload large configuration with a single button selection
• Real time diagnostics and reporting
• Fully redundant controller

Control Flexibility

• Multiple configurations can be saved and instantly be recalled
• Up to 256 salvos with a maximum of 4800 entries
• Include lists for custom switch configurations
• Distributed browser-based control via Cattrax Web interface

Flexible Router System Architectures

• Scalable from small to very large systems with up to 256 control panels
• Supports legacy routers via PRC interface panels
• Control system allows adopting legacy router infrastructure
• Use both serial-based and LAN based control panels in the same system
• Supporting many 3rd party control systems via PRC

PERC3000 Simplified Configuration
Simplified Configuration

• Dynamic changes without system restart for many parameters
• Off-line configuration option
• Create source and destination name aliasing up to 32 characters
• Include full tie-line management with simple name assignments
• Full on-line diagnostics

Wide Range of Highly Adapted Panels

• Ethernet and serial-based control panels
• Re-programmable pushbutton panels
• Re-legendable LCD panels
• Multi-destination panels
• Destination/source (XY) panels
• Compact production truck control panels
• PC-based GUI panels

Specs & Ordering Info



PERC3000 System Controller

Form Factor1RU
Dimensions1.67in (H) X 15.5in (D) X 17.1in (W)
42.4mm (H) X 393.7mm (D) X 434mm (W)
Power Requirements
Power Input100 – 240 VAC, 50/60/Hz
Power Consumption250 W (Max.)
Operating Temperature10°C – 35°C
Note: For altitudes above 2950 feet, the maximum operating temperature is derated 1 ºF/550 ft
Storage Temperature-40°C – 65°C
Operating Humidity20% – 80% Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity5% – 95% Non-Condensing


PERC3000 Panel Server Peripheral

Form Factor10/100 Mbps, RJ45
Dimensions1.75in (H) X 1.25in (D) X 19in (W)
44.5mm (H) X 31.75mm (D) X 482.6mm (W)
Power Requirements
Power Input100 – 240 VAC, 47/63/Hz
Power Consumption2 W
Operating Temperature0°C – 40°C
Operating Humidity90% Non-Condensing


PERC3000 Serial Interface Peripheral

Ethernet10/100 Mbps, RJ45
Serial Interface
Number of Ports8
Port Connector TypeRJ45 8-pin
RS-422Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, GND
RS-485 (2-wire)Data+, Data-, GND
RS-422 (4-wire)Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, GND
Serial Line Protection15 KV ESD for all signals
Form Factor1RU
Dimensions1.75in (H) X 7.48in (D) X 18.8in (W)
44.5mm (H) X 190mm (D) X 478mm (W)
Power Requirements
Power Input100 – 240 VAC, 47/63/Hz Power
Consumption20 W
Operating Temperature0°C – 55°C
Storage Temperature-40°C – 75°C
Operating Humidity5% – 95% Non-Condensing
Operating Humidity5% – 95% Non-Condensing






P3KVMSWPERC3000 VM Base Software – PERC3000 SW including VM
IPCS-[XXXX](XXXX = 0010, 0025, 0100, 0500, 1000)Connection licenses where [XXXX] is:
[0010] for up to 10 devices,
[0025] for up to 25 devices,
[0100] for up to 100 devices,
[0500] for up to 500 devices,
[1000] for up to 1000
Over 1000 needs Enterprise (IPCSS-ENT)



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Brochure: PERC3000 Cutsheet


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