The DRS Family of audio routing switchers lets you mix digital and analog audio within a single frame. This powerful system approach is based on a flexible 1RU distributed architecture providing rugged reliability in an affordable, feature-rich package.

With the DRS, we have incorporated our familiar enterprise switch design into our compact and large scale analog and digital switching systems. With PESA routers, you’ll find the most advanced hardware and software control systems available to the broadcast or professional markets. DRS is an ideal solution for mobile production and broadcast facilities using current audio and video formats while providing future flexibility to handle tomorrow’s transition into the digital routing world.

DRS - Enterprise Audio Systems

DRS - Enterprise Audio System

Designed specifically for large venue environments, the PESA Enterprise Audio Routing System provides a "unified" solution for audio and time code applications.

DRS - Enterprise Data Exchange Engine

At the heart of every DRS configuration is a Data Exchange Engine, or DXE frame, where the actual signal routing function takes place.

DRS - Multi-channel Audio Digtial Interface

PESA’s Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) Adapter for DRS allows MADI compliant audio data streams to interface with a DRS router.

DRS-SA – Stand-Alone Audio Routing

The DRS-SA Series offers several models of audio routing solutions for analog and digital signal formats.

DRS - AES Audio

Two connector choices with dedicated input or dedicated output frames for balanced or unbalanced AES digital audio channels.

DRS - Analog Audio

PESA offers two connector choices in dedicated input or dedicated output frames for balanced analog audio signals.

DRS - Audio De-embed & Embed

The DRS system also includes two special purpose circuit cards for de-embedding and embedding digital audio with SDI video.

DRS - Time Code

Dedicated input or dedicated output BNC connector frames for time code data provide 64 channels for single-ended signals.


  • Distributed routing between signal frames
  • Simplified wiring schemes and cabling requirements
  • 128 I/O signals in a 1 RU frame
  • Choice of external signal connector types
  • Scalable from 64x64 up to 7680x7680
  • In-field expansion capability
  • Signal transport via Gig-E Ethernet or optional fiber optic converter modules
  • Supports routing of native Dolby-E signals
  • Allows simultaneous routing of AES and analog audio, embedded, MADI and time code signals
  • Allows mix of synchronous and asynchronous signals
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) on audio input and output signals
  •        • Gain adjustment
  •        • Phase Inversion
  •        • Delay
  •        • L/R Summing
  •        • L/R Swapping
  •        • AES pair breakaway
  • Internal signal generator can insert a test signal into any audio output channel you select from the following available test signals
  •        • Audio silence
  •        • Steady and sweep test tones
  •        • White noise
  •        • White noise
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