Multi-Channel H.264 Encoder for Live Streaming

H.264 live streaming encoder with more video, audio and signal format management than any other product on the market.

XStream C58


PESA’s XSTREAM C58 High Definition Multiport IP Streaming System is a versatile platform for high definition video processing, audio processing and multi-port IP streaming. It provides six independent video and audio processing channels, one of which is dedicated to producing a quadview video output composed of any four user-selected source signals from the other five processing channels.

Each processing channel offers video and audio input interface through rear panel connectors in various signal formats at resolutions up to 1080p/60. H.264 video and AAC audio encoder functions associated with each channel broadcast an IP output stream of the selected A/V sources, and a decoder function extracts video and audio from an incoming IP stream that can be chosen as input sources for the encoder. The C58 allows up to six simultaneous IP output streams.

An independent audio mixer function provided for each processing channel allows the primary audio paired with the input video source to be blended or replaced with a user-selected source of local auxiliary audio.


  • Accommodates video and audio signals from a variety of signal formats and sources
  • Six processing channels for video and audio
  • Six simultaneous and independent IP output streams, selectable as RTSP or RTMP
  • Full dual channel L/R stereo audio processing capability with mixing functions
  • Time synchronized audio to video for "lip-sync" error correction
  • Single Unicast, Multiple Unicast or Multicast
  • Private local audio monitoring
  • Multiple CDN interface options pre-installed
  • HDMI Output
  • Dual RJ-45 Gig-E network connection ports
  • USB 2.0 connection
InfoComm 2014: Pesa Explains the Pesa Xstream C58 IP Encoder

PESA Explains the XSTREAM C58 IP Encoder.

High Density Package

Each PESA XSTREAM is packaged in a 1RU frame with internal power.

Size, Weight, and Power

Compact size allows maximum connections in the smallest amount of space while weighing less than 4lbs and consuming less than 150 watts.

Remote Management and Control

Integrated Web Server allowing for full remote capability. No personnel required on site for streaming content to a production facility.

Up to Eight Audio Inputs

Via an eight port XLR break-out cable, include up to 8 audio sources per channel.

Audio Line Outputs

Connect up to two line level audio outputs on the rear panel with XLR and one front panel output with headphone jack.

Gig-E Network Connection

Concurrently stream up to six H.264 streams to networked devices, setup control and configuration with PESA’s web-based GUI interface and set the variable rate of transport to accommodate any type of network traffic. Select any IP camera connected to the network and combine with local video sources prior to streaming.

HDMI Display or Multiviewer Output

HDMI output allows up to four video inputs to be displayed in a quadview display.

HDMI output for full screen display of any one of the live video feeds or from connected IP cameras.

Optional HDMI to SDI BNC: Breakout module for HDMI to BNC for HD-SDI previews (with embedded audio).

Up to Five Video Sources

Connect five video sources supporting either NTSC/PAL or SDI in 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolutions.

USB 2.0 Connection

Transport stream of all six video channels with audio for PC/MAC/Storage applications.

Specs & Ordering Info

Video Inputs
Number 5 Video processing channels
Source BNC input or decoded from IP stream
Number 5 BNC connectors
Type Standard 75 Ohm, self-terminating
Formats Analog: NTSC/PAL
Digital: SMPTE ST-292 (720p, 1080i), ST-424 (1080p)
Return Loss ≥15dB 1MHz to 1.5GHz; ≥10dB, 1.5GHz to 3GHz
Equalization 200m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 1.5Gbps;
140m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 3.0Gbps
IP Video
Connection RTP/RTSP
Format H.264 (MPEG 4/Part 10)
Connector 2 RJ-45 for 100/1000 Gig-E port
Supported IP Cameras Cisco 4500
Axis M1054
Axis M1114
Support for additional cameras is being added on a regular basis. Contact PESA if the specific camera you are using is not listed.

Audio Inputs
Number 8 Audio processing channels, selected from any of the above sources
Source Analog audio, Line/mic level, 8 channels
De-embedded from SDI video input, up to 10 available sources
AAC audio decoded from IP stream paired to IP video input signal, up to 5 available sources
Test tone, internally generated

Analog Audio
Type 25 Pin D connector
Optional XLR breakout cable for 8 connections available
Format Balanced
Audio Level Mic level with user selectable “phantom power” or line level inputs
Gain Adjustment +12dB to -40dB line level/+59dB to 0 dB mic level

IP Streaming
Number 6 Individually addressable IP streams: five streams each containing video from one of the five input processing channels plus any/all audio signals paired to each video channel; the sixth stream containing signal from
Connection RTP/RTSP
Format Video – H.264 (MPEG 4/Part 10)
Audio – AAC
Resolution 720p, 1080
Streaming Selectable: .5Mb, .75Mb, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb
Connector 2 RJ-45 for 10/1000 Gig-E Ethernet port

Audio & Video Output Connections
Number 1 Full screen (selectable from any video and audio source)
1 Quadview (video quadview and any selectable audio source)
USB (Video + Audio)
Type USB 2.0
Content All active video streams plus audio paired to each stream
USB (Audio)
Type USB 2.0
Content 8 pre-mix channels in uncompressed format
SDI (available with external HDMI to HD-SDI converter kit)
Number 2
Type 75 Ohm BNCs, using available accessories
Resolution Viewable Format: 720p, 1080
Power External unit uses 5VDC, 90-220 VAC wall plug
NOTE: requires allocation of one HDMI connector on the frame
Type Analog
Number 2 (XLR line level – balanced)
Headphone ¼" Stereo jack – front panel mounted
Audio Out Audio Out 1 on left channel output and Audio Out 2 on right channel output

Network Connections
Number 2 RJ-45
Type Gig-E (100/1000)
Control Protocol HTTP, HTTPS (web control management software)

Form Factor 1RU
Mechanical 19.00" W X 1.75" H X 10.50" D
482.6 mm X 44.45 mm X 266.7 mm
Weight 4lbs

Environmental and Miscellaneous
Control Ethernet
Control Connection RJ-45
AC Input Connections IEC 320C14 socket (accepts IEC 320C13 line cord)
Network Control Supports PESA web-based control or by SDK kit
Input Voltage 90-260 VAC, 47-63Hz
Operational Temp 0-40°C
Operational Humidity 90% non-condensing
C58-003 Includes 5 SDI inputs, 8 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs USB 2.0 for local application connections, HDMI output, Quadview output, two Gig-E connections, built in audio mixer and diagnostics monitoring, Web-based control software, manual, and power cord.
C58-001 1080p

Accessories and Options
PRO-HDMI2HD-C Converts signals from HDMI port to SDI outputs
81902806970 Cable Assembly: Audio XLR to DB25M, 3m
81902806910 Cable Assembly: Ethernet Cable, 1m
81902807090 Cable Assembly: HDMI Cable, 3m
81902807100 Cable Assembly; USB Type A to Type B, 3m

Additional Resources

Brochure: XSTREAM C58

Please contact for User Guides and Manuals

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