Multi-Channel H.264 Encoder and Decoder for Live Streaming

A compact streaming system that can be configured as a two port encoder, a two port decoder, or with one port of each.



PESA’s XSTREAM C22 is a highly versatile, dual channel H.264 encoder/decoder device for high definition video processing, audio processing and IP streaming. Each processing channel is totally independent from the other and can function as a remote client for decoding an H.264 IP stream or an encoder to webcast an IP output stream from a variety of input signal sources. Each processing channel offers video and audio input and output interface in various signal formats at resolutions up to 1080p/60. The C22 also accepts input from an analog house reference to allow the local output video signals to be sync locked for use in broadcast and other high-end video environments. The optional SFP module enables additional input and output options as well as local signal/format conversion such as coax to fiber, fiber to coax, or fiber to HDMI.

In addition to the encoding and decoding features the PESA XSTREAM C22 also includes local signal/format conversion when needed. When configured to encode and stream out two local inputs, the PESA XSTREAM C22 can also convert those original input sources to different formats/signals to route or display locally.


  • Support RTP/RTSP and RTMP protocols
  • High resolution and bitrate support- up to 1080p60 and 10Mb/s
  • Inputs video and audio signals from a variety of signal formats and sources
  • Two processing channels for video and audio
  • Configured each channel independently as streaming encoder and decoder
  • SFP cage offers additonal input output options
  • Mixing functions to create custom audio track for each video signal
  • Two simultaneous and independent IP output streams
  • Single Unicast, Multiple Unicast or Multicast streaming
  • HDMI input and output
  • RJ-45 for Gig-E network connections
  • Multiple CDN interface options pre-installed
  • Available as an OpenGear Module

PESA XSTREAM C22 Compact Streaming System Receives NewBay Media Product Innovation Award

“We are very proud to receive this honor from NewBay Media for what we think is a cost effective solution for a number of markets. The PESA XSTREAM C22 is very versatile because it can be used as a standalone streaming appliance or it can share content between facilities.”

Video Genlock

Video signals can be locked to an external source of sync reference for perfect, “glitch-free” video switching in broadcast and pro AV applications.

Configurable and Flexible I/O

The PESA XSTREAM C22 includes several local ports and optional SFP modules are available to expand the connection options available.

Local Signal/Format Conversion

Local inputs may also be converted into a variety of outputs for local display or for other routing and distribution options.

Configurable and Flexible I/O

Integrated Web Server allowing for full remote capability. No personnel required on site for streaming content to a production facility.

Encode and/or Decode

Configure the PESA XSTREAM C22 to encode two inputs into IP streams, decode two IP streams into local outputs, or do both and select one encode/one decode.

LCD Display

The local display and navigation makes it easy to view configuration information including the IP address assigned to the hardware.

Example Router Application: Use the PESA XSTREAM C22 to share content between larger routers by using two units configured as an encode/decode pair.

Specs & Ordering Info

Video Inputs
Number 1, HDMI or DVI, can be used with either processing channel
Resolution 720p, 1080p
HDCP Support No
Number 2 BNC connectors (input or output, software configurable)
Type Standard 75 Ohm
Formats SMPTE ST-292 (720p, 1080i), ST-424 (1080p)
Return Loss ≥15dB 1MHz to 1.5GHz; ≥10dB, 1.5GHz to 3GHz
Equalization 200m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 1.5Gbps;
140m auto-equalization Belden 1694A or equivalent at 3.0Gbps
Direction Input or Output, software configurable
Number Varies, depending on SFP module used
Formats Varies, depending on SFP module used
Number 1 BNC connector
Type Analog
Termination 75 Ohm, internal
Source Tri-level sync, color black
IP Video
Connection RTP/RTSP
Format H.264 (MPEG 4/Part 10)
Connector 2 RJ-45 for 100/1000 Gig-E port
Supported IP Cameras Axis M1054
Axis M1114
Generic RTSP
Support for additional cameras is being added on a regular basis. Contact PESA if the specific camera you are using is not listed.

Audio Inputs
Number 2 Audio processing channels, stereo
Source Analog audio, line/mic level, 2 channels
De-embedded from SDI video input, up to 2 available sources
AAC audio decoded from IP stream associated with IP video i
nput signal, up to 4 available sources
Test tone, internally generated

Analog Audio
Type 3.5mm TRS connector
Format Balanced or unbalanced input (output is unbalanced only)
Audio Level Mic level with user selectable “phantom power” or line level inputs
Gain Adjustment +12dB to -40dB line level/+59dB to 0 dB mic level

IP Streaming
Number 2 Individually addressable IP streams; each containing video from either the
decoder output or the local video input of its’ processing channel, plus the audio
signal associated with the video input
Streaming Mode Single unicast, multiple unicast or multicast – independently selectable for each stream
Connection RTP/RTSP
Format Video – H.264 (MPEG 4/Part 10)
Audio – AAC
Resolution 720p, 30fps
720p, 60fps
1080p, 30fps
1080p, 60fps
Streaming Selectable: .5Mb, .75Mb, 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb, 6Mb, 8Mb, 10Mb
Connector 2 RJ-45 for 10/1000 Gig-E Ethernet port

Audio & Video Output Connections
Number 1 Selected from either video processing channel, plus audio signal associated with selected video source
Resolution 720p, 60fps
1080p, 60fps
Number Up to 2, One SDI output may be software configured to bi-directional BNC for each processing channel – if the BNC is not used as a video input port for the channel.
One additional SDI output for each processing channel may be added through SFP outputs, with proper SFP module installed in rear panel cage.
SDI (with external HDMI to HD-SDI converter kit)
Number 1, using available accessories
Direction Input or Output, software configurable
Number Varies, depending on SFP module used
Formats Varies, depending on SFP module used

Audio Outputs
Number (Analog) 2 Audio Channels, unbalanced, line level, 3.5mm TRS connector

Network Connections
Number 2 RJ-45
Type Gig-E (100/1000)

Mechanical 6.75" W X 1.65" H X 6.25" D
171.45 mm X 41.91 mm X 158.75 mm
Weight 1.6 lbs, 0.726 kg

Environmental and Miscellaneous
Control Ethernet
Control Connection RJ-45
DC Voltage Input +12 VDC, ±0.5 VDC @ 2.0 A
Network Control Supports PESA web-based control
Operational Temp 0-50°C
Operational Humidity 90% non-condensing
Power External unit uses 5VDC, 90-220VAC wall plug
XSTREAMC22-PS PESA XSTREAM Dual Channel encoder/decoder

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