Smart panel with 32 multi-color LCD push button switches, status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity.

RCP Multi-Bus X/Y


PESA’s Multi-Bus XY (MBXY) remote control panel for PESA routing installations is a member of the “Smart” panel family featuring 32 multi-color LCD push button switches, a status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity to a PERC3000 System Controller.

Each MBXY panel provides direct access with status and control of up to eight destinations at a time and supports source preset, direct (hot) take, AFV or breakaway switching on all 17 switching levels supported by the PERC3000 controller. In addition, the MBXY panel supports lock/protect functions for all eight destinations and may be used to “fire” system salvo switching functions.

Key labels on the push buttons are dynamically changed when sources, destinations or control page configurations are changed, and each push button is dynamically color-keyed to identify its assigned function, by type, on the currently selected page. In addition to the push buttons, a two line display screen provides real-time status readout and other panel display functions.

Multi-Bus XY panels communicate with the PERC3000 System Controller over an Ethernet network using standard Cat5 cable and RJ45 connectors, either through a closed-loop Ethernet configuration or with full integration into the facility network. Each panel provides an internal 2-port Ethernet switch that allows network cables to be daisy-chained to other panels.


  • 1RU
  • 32 programmable push buttons
  • LCD display
  • Simultaneous control of up to eight router destinations
  • Source preset switching (default switching mode)
  • Hot take switching on any controlled destination
  • System salvo “fire” capability
  • All-level, audio-follow-video (AFV) switching
  • Breakaway switching on up to 17 switching levels allowing video only, audio only and complex multi-level breakaways
  • Destination Protect and Lock features

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PESA’s server-based Ethernet Router Control, PERC3000, is a high-speed, high-capacity system controller for PESA routing and video distribution systems. The PERC3000 router control solution is a scalable hardware and software system  specifically designed for large routing installations with multiple high capacity router frames and large numbers of control panels that require maximum computing and processing power. Its modular design lets broadcasters and mission critical A/V technicians select just the level of control they need while taking advantage of enhanced processing power and speed over PESA’s popular PERC2000 controller.

Source Status Display Keys – The first eight keys on the top row are display only buttons, each of which indicates the source group currently switched to the destination group controlled by the destination control key just below it. By default, the background color of each Source Status Display key is light green, but may be changed during panel configuration.

Destination Control Keys – The first eight keys on the bottom row always display the eight destination groups currently selected for control by the panel. On initial power-up of the panel, these keys are assigned to the destinations identified in the Panel Key list associated to the specific MBXY panel. The destination group controlled by each key may be changed directly from the panel at any time to any of the destinations allocated to the panel by the Destination Include list associated to the panel.

Dynamic Control/Selection Keys – There are 12 keys in this area – six each on the top and bottom key rows. These keys dynamically change color, label and function depending on the current panel operating page selected. These keys are used as selection buttons when performing panel operations that require router resource selections be made from scrolling lists. Router resources available for selection are allocated to a specific panel by the Source, Destination and Salvo Include lists.

Menu Select/Control Keys – The four keys in this area, two each on top and bottom rows, also dynamically change depending on the active control menu page. These keys select the operating mode of the panel, scroll

Specs & Ordering Info

Mounting 1RU
Push buttons 32 Multi-color illuminated with programmable text and graphics

Communications Port Ethernet

Voltage Requirements

(Power Supply Included for 90-240VAC Input)

Physical Dimensions 19″ W x 3″ D x 1.75″ H

Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Humidity 20% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
MULTIBUS-XY 32 button 1RU panel, multibus control, programmable LCD, PS

Additional Resources

Data Sheet: MBXY Data Sheet


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