Smart 32

Featuring 32 programmable, multi-color LCD push button switches, status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity.


PESA’s Smart 32 is a push button remote control panel for PESA routing installations featuring 32 programmable, multi-color LCD push button switches, a status monitor display screen and full Ethernet network connectivity.

Smart 32 supports direct take switching, AFV or breakaway switching on all 17 switching levels supported by the PERC3000 controller, and destination lock/protect functions.

The panel provides up to 16 pages of key configurations for a total panel capacity of 512 programmable push-buttons, each of which may be configured for virtually any data key or control key function, including source, destination, salvo or switching level.

Key labels on the push-buttons are dynamically changed when pages or configurations are changed, and each push-button is dynamically color-keyed to identify its assigned function, by type. In addition, a two line display screen provides real-time status readout and other panel parameter display functions.

Push-button background colors are assigned using a system-wide color scheme, which can be modified via Cattrax software, to instantly identify each key by function type on any Smart 32 on the network.


  • 1RU
  • 32 programmable push buttons
  • Each button offers 3 rows of 6 characters
  • LCD display
  • Instant push button level access
  • Fast breakaway switching
  • Single button can “TAKE” directly to multiple destinations
  • Power Adapter for US, UK, or Euro style plugs

Get a Robust and Fully Engaged Control Interface with PESA’s Cattrax Control Software

Cattrax is PESA’s router setup and control software offering administrators and workflow designers a distinct interface to configure and monitor real-time switching environments. As an intuitive, feature-rich interface, Cattrax offers incredible “easy-to-use” capabilities to setup multiple routing switcher frames, control panels, and edge devices for signal conversion and scaling.

The software automatically synchronizes with the routing system to retrieve configuration information, including switch settings, source names, destination names, salvos, levels, break-aways, and other health and diagnostics information necessary to maintain a healthy router system. Cattrax provides a quick interface to make switch commands, fire salvos and perform multi-destination takes without the need for external hardware panels. It also provides an easy method of saving files for backup or reloading configuration files for fast retrieval when multiple I/O settings are needed during events such as live broadcast or staging events.

The Smart 32 remote control panel provides 32 push button keys and a status display screen for operator interface. Each pushbutton key may be configured to select a router system resource or control function and display the text or graphic label associated with the resource or function.

Real-Time Status Display Area

Destination – Indicates the router destination group currently controlled by the panel. Unless a different destination is selected using a pushbutton key, the active destination of the panel is the default destination entered during panel configuration through Cattrax.

Source – Indicates the source group currently switched to the destination controlled by the panel on the indicated switching level.

Level – Indicates the highest ranking switching level on which the panel is currently showing status.

Active Page – Indicates the currently selected page of push button key assignments.

Specs & Ordering Info

Mounting 1RU
Push buttons 32 Multi-color illuminated with programmable text and graphics

Communications Port Ethernet

Voltage Requirements

(Power Supply Included for 90-240VAC Input)

Physical Dimensions 19″ W x 3″ D x 1.75″ H

Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Humidity 20% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
SMART32 32 button 1RU panel, programmable LCD, PS

Brochure: Smart 32 Data Sheet


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