Video Multi-Viewer, Processing and Distribution Modules

Offers video processing modules and circuit card blades conforming to the openGear footprint, for use in the openGear 3.0 frame.


The PESA Blade System (PBS) is a comprehensive line of processing modules and circuit card blades for use in the openGear 3.0 frame to easily add extensive capabilities and functions to new and existing signal routing and processing installations.

The PBS System includes a variety of blades and modules, including streaming devices, HDMI, DVI and SDI format conversion modules, and multiviewer devices; all of which may be intermixed as needed in the openGear frame.


  • Compact design for maximum capabilities in minimal space
  • Several blade cards and capabilities to choose from
  • 2 channels per card for up to 20 channels in 2RU
  • Input/output options including BNC, HDMI, and SFP cage
  • Support for RTP/RTSP and RTMP (C22-OG and C22-PBS)
  • Vidblox based conversion/scaling cards (VBX-OG and VBX-PBS)


High Density Modular openGear® Frame

At the heart of the PBS System are the PBS-OGX-FR-CN-P and PBS-OGX-FR-CNS-P modular chassis frames. Each frame holds up to 20 openGear® cards with independent rear modules for signal connectivity. Occupying 2 RU of rack space, each frame provides cooling fans, one PS-OGX power supply and the GigE network control card. A second power supply may be added for power redundancy. The PBS-OGX-FR-CNS-P frame adds SNMP capability.

Configuration and monitoring of openGear® cards is done using PESA’s Cattrax or the DashBoard control system. Gigabit Ethernet is available to every slot within the chassis, enhancing communication speed, and connection options to all openGear® cards. A 21-port Ethernet switch built into the frame’s network control card, future-proofs the openGear® 3.0 platform for users and openGear® partners.

The following list of available PBS blades is not all inclusive but identifies some of the more widely used cards and modules. Several other options are available. Contact your PESA representative for more information.

PESA’s XSTREAM C22-OG is a highly versatile, dual channel H.264 encoder/decoder device for high definition video processing, audio processing and IP streaming. Each processing channel is totally independent from the other and can function as a remote client for decoding an H.264 IP stream or an encoder to webcast an IP output stream from a variety of input signal sources.

Functionally, the C22-OG blade is identical to the PESA XStream C22 module. Click here for more information.

The C22-OG complies with openGear standards for size, form-factor and power consumption. It occupies 2 slots in the openGear 3 frame which means that a single frame can host 20 channels of encode, decode or an arbitrary mix.

PESA’s Vidblox modules offer a wide range of capabilities for transport media conversion, format conversion, and media extension solutions in production, PRO-A/V and broadcast applications. The Vidblox HTR-OG (VHTR-OG) blade for the openGear 3.0 chassis adds HDMI or DVI input and output signal processing capability to compliment the DVI/VGA capability offered by the Vidblox SL and NE transmitter and receiver products.

Functionally, the Vidblox HTR-OG blade is identical to the Vidblox HTR (VHTR) module. Click here for more information.

3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Quint-Split Multiviewer

The PBS-9970-QS 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS Expandable Multiviewer integrates five discrete 3G/HD/SD-SDI or CVBS inputs onto a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI quint-split output, with each image being flexibly inserted into the output image area.

Multiple PBS-9970-QS cards can be cascaded to provide splits greater than the base quint-split. The PBS-9970-QS PIP5 input can be used in a cascaded chain of PBS-9970-QS cards that provides multiviewer layouts of up to 8×8 (64:1). The QuickSet grid definer precisely and easily sets up a multiviewer grid where columns and rows of each of the cards PIPs are arranged to work together in a cascaded aggregate arrangement. Low-latency processing allows multiple PBS-9970-QS cards to be cascaded without significant accumulated delays within the chain.

HD/SD-SDI/CVBS H.264 Encoder with Streaming IP Output

The PBS-9990-ENC-H264-IP cards provide a card-based solution for distribution of MPEG-4 encoding. These encoders are specifically for video distribution with IP only streaming.

The PBS-9990-ENC-H264-IP is perfectly suited for IP video distribution over the Internet or over a dedicated IP link. Up to 10 blades can be installed in a 20-slot openGear 3.0 frame, offering distribution delivery of up to 20 individual or simulcast channels in a single frame. The PBS-9990-ENC-H264-IP supports SD analog composite video and an analog audio stereo pair per input channel.

MPEG4 AVC and MPEG2 Decoder with ASI and IP Inputs and SDI Outputs

The PBS-9990-DEC-MPEG MPEG4 AVC and MPEG2 Decoder with ASI and IP Inputs and SDI Outputs provides a high-performance real-time MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD and HD video decoding solution for the openGear® frame.

IP and DVB-ASI input streams are supported, with outputs as ASI, DVB-ASI, SDI, HDMI, and CVBS (for SD streams) using MPEG4 AVC or MPEG2 decoding. The PBS-9990-DEC-MPEG can decode from several audio codecs and provides Dolby® pass-thru. Full user DashBoardTM remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network. A complete SNMP MIB is also included.

PBS-9910DA-4Q-3G (non-reclocking)
PBS-9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK (reclocking)
3G/HD/SD Quad-Channel Multi-Rate DA with x4 Output Crosspoint

The PBS-9910DA-4Q-3G and PBS-9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK are both Quad-Channel, 3G/HD/SD, Multi-Rate Distribution Amplifiers with a x4 Output Crosspoint for use in a 20-slot openGear® frame. Each module supports four input channels which can be crosspoint-routed to any of 16 DA outputs.

The PBS-9910DA-4Q-3G is a non-reclocking DA while the 9910DA-4Q-3G-RCK is identical in input/output capacity but also includes reclockers on all outputs which can be enabled or disabled through control software.

Both modules support SDI and ASI/DVB on all inputs and outputs with non-inverting outputs. The quad-input capacity provides a one-card solution for distribution of 4K quadrant-division content over 3G/HD/SD-SDI interfaces.

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