Secura Navigator Secure Control Panel

PESA’s Secura Touch Panel is a small, table-top remote control panel, featuring a full color, graphic, touchscreen.  Available in multiple sizes, the panel is designed to provide a cost-effective, flexible, secure solution for IP endpoint routing.

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PESA’s Secura Touch Panel is a small, table-top remote control panel, featuring a full color, graphic, touchscreen.  Available initially in either a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet-style footprint, the panel is customizable from 3 inches to over 50 inches, depending on your application.  The Secura Navigator is designed specifically to provide a very cost-effective solution to control panels for IP endpoint routing installations.

Default mode of operation for the Secura Navigator Control Panel is the “Direct / Hot” Take mode in which the user presses a single source icon to connect the assigned source to the controlled destination. However, standard switching combinations are supported such as audio-follow video, video only, audio only and complex multi-level breakaways.

The Secura Navigator Control Panel offers encrypted control and is designed to work with the complete Secura Command Center for secure distributed control of IP endpoints. The Secura Command Center virtual matrix provides a very intuitive and familiar operating platform for IP routing using names and mnemonics for source and destination signals. All media management between the touch panel and the IP routing network is performed seamlessly and totally transparent to the operator though the virtual matrix.


  • Customizable Software HTML 5 GUI
  • Full-featured with a modern web interface display
  • Robust security and content-protection functions plus continuous status of destination, source, preset, level and lock
  • Full color touch-screen display
  • CAN bus specification version 2.0B
  • Panel configurations can be cloned
  • 3” to 50” Touch Panel hardware

Get a Robust and Fully Engaged Control Interface with PESA’s Secura Command Center Control Software

PESA’s Command Center setup and control software offers administrators and workflow designers a distinct interface to configure and monitor real-time switching environments. As an intuitive, feature-rich interface, Command Center offers incredible “easy-to-use” capabilities to setup multiple  control panels and edge devices for signal conversion and scaling.

The software automatically synchronizes with the routing system to retrieve configuration information, including switch settings, source names, destination names, salvos, levels, break-aways, and other health and diagnostics information necessary to maintain a healthy router system. Command Center provides a quick interface to make switch commands, fire salvos and perform multi-destination takes without the need for external hardware panels. It also provides an easy method of saving files for backup or reloading configuration files for fast retrieval when multiple I/O settings are needed during events such as live broadcast or staging events.


  • Onscreen icons can easily be updated as system configuration changes
  • Wired or wireless network connection
  • Direct / Hot Take from a single keystroke
  • Full color touch-screen display
  • Allows flexible switch combinations such as audio follow video, video only, audio only and multi-level breakaways
  • Configure with easy setup menus in Command Center control GUI
  • Small, mobile or table-top footprint (3” to 50”) - available now as 7 or 10 inch Touch Panel hardware
  • POE
  • Rugged and reliable with extreme temperature range (-20C to 60C)
  • List It• NIST Certified “PESA Crypto Module” Application Implementation – CNSA (Suite B) Compliance Up to Top Secretem

Specs & Ordering Info



Hardware sizeInitially 7″ or 10″, but size possibilities are from 3″ to over 50″
ButtonsSoftware Defined


Communications PortEthernet


External Power Supply Module primary power input 90-240VAC


Physical Dimensions3″ to 50″


Temperature0°C to 40°C
Humidity20% to 90% (Non-Condensing)




SNCP-1-7Secura Navigator, System Control Panel – 7″ Touchscreen, Hardware 
SNCP-1-10Secura Navigator, System Control Panel – 10″ Touchscreen, Hardware


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