PESA specializes in the design and manufacture of secure video distribution systems for mission critical applications. Offering both AV over IP and KVM over IP Architectures using Secura endpoints for converting video, audio and USB to encrypted IP bi-directional transport, ensuring complete IP security.

AES256 encryption, with Secure Key management and FIPS 140-2 certification provide a reliable, robust and secure system for transporting all classifications within one system.

Video Routing Systems

Video Routing Systems - for Small to Large Scale Applications

For any video distribution system (VDS) requirement in any venue or application, PESA offers a router to fit the need: Cheetah routers for medium to large installations; Jaguar, Cougar and Ocelot for small to medium installations.

No matter which PESA router fits your needs they have all “earned their stripes” for legendary PESA reliability!

DRS - Enterprise Audio Systems

Audio Routing Systems

PESA’s DRS Series Router is an expandable Distributed Routing System for audio and time code signals. Using high-speed time division multiplex (TDM) technology for signal distribution, DRS audio routers can be configured from 128 x 128, up to 7680 x 7680 for a variety of signal and I/O connector types.

For smaller applications, PESA’s modular Ocelot allows you to configure a router to your specifications for audio only, or video and audio signals in 1RU frames.

Control Software and System Controllers

Routing Control Hardware & Software

Control systems for PESA routers could not be more straightforward. Our PERC3000 System Controller is a server-based platform for simultaneous control of PESA routing components over an Ethernet network. Cattrax, is our unified control software to configure and monitor a wide variety of PESA products. Cattrax Web is a web-browser based package that allows you to control your PESA routing infrastructure from virtually anywhere.

Multi-Channel H.264 Streaming

PESA’s XStream family offers multi-channel H.264 network streaming appliances for PRO A/V and content distribution applications. The XStream C58 produces up to five simultaneous and independent streams from a wide variety of signal input sources. The XStream C22 is a dual channel encoder/decoder device. Both the C58 and the C22 can stream HD video, up to 1080p resolution, and provide audio de-embed, mixing and embed capabilities.

Control Panels for Routing Systems

PESA offers a large selection of control panels for remote operation of the router. For large workstation and engineering applications, the “Smart” panels offer full programmability of pushbuttons and pages. Each button can be labeled and color-coded as desired. For individual workstations and production suites, the RCP panel family provides router control panels from simple fixed-purpose pushbuttons to controllers for instant access to every signal path in the router.

Processing, Conversion & Extender Modules

With an extensive line of solutions for signal processing, conversion and extension, PESA can fill almost any requirement you may have. The easyPORT and PESA PRO devices include a line of small, low-cost signal conversion devices. Our VidBlox modules convert a wide variety of signal formats to or from SDI for use through a router or for fiber extension. The PESA Blade System includes a line of video multi-viewer, processing and distribution modules for use in the openGear chassis frame.

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