Secura – Security on Demand for your Zero-Trust Environment

PESA is now leading Command and Control (C2) markets into next generation IP networks with secure encrypted IP video, audio, KVM and USB distribution solutions designed from the ground up using FIPS 140-2 cryptography for DoDIN APL certification.

• NIST standard crypto security (FIPS 140-2)
• Security standards for government and military
• Fully scaleable IP switch fabric 
• Complete end to end solution designs


Secura Command Center

PESA Secura Command Center is the centerpiece for the Secura System and provides configuration, control and management of the Secura endpoints and workflow. The Secura Command Center (SCC) defines, configures and manages all audio, video, USB and KVM signals as well as their inherent security classifications within one system, even as it scales.

Secura Navigator Control Panel

Secura Navigator

The PESA Secura Navigator Control Panel is a small, table-top remote control panel, featuring a full color, graphic, touchscreen. Available in multiple sizes, the panel is designed to provide a cost-effective, customizable, solution to control panels for IP endpoint routing.

Secura IP

Secura audio/video over IP (A/V over IP) endpoints, or nodes, provide secure, AES-256 encrypted, carriage of HDMI 2.0 video and audio, simultaneously supporting multiple authorization levels and multiple video formats with up to 4K UHD resolutions.

Secura KVM

PESA Secura KVM over IP (KVM-IP) endpoints, or nodes, provide secure, AES-256 encrypted, carriage of HDMI 2.0 video and audio plus USB for HID and CAC readers, simultaneously supporting multiple video formats with up to 4K UHD resolutions.

PESA Secura Secure Encrypted IP Video, Audio, USB, KVM Distribution


  • NIST standard cryptological security (FIPS 140-2)
  • Video (format) agnostic - up to 4K UHD w/ HDR
  • Precision to the pixel with true 4Kp60 at 4:4:4
  • AES-256 Encryption, including essence
  • Prevents AV cables from leaking sensitive information
  • USB CAC and Token Access (HID but not USB drives)
  • Multiple Formats and Authorization Levels: One System
  • IP Configuration and Control
  • Linearly scalable - few ports to enterprise class > 36,000 ports
  • Multiple Signals via Single Cable Interface
  • Protects your content inside your zero-trust environment

PESA Capabilities Statement

Download PESA Capabilities Statement 


Announcing Secura Multiclass, Source-to-Glass Video Distribution System Over IP (VDS-IP) Platform for Sensitive, Classified, or High-Value Video and Audio

“Secura secures not only the control signals, but also the actual video and audio essence, preventing both accidental and intentional viewing of content,” said PESA chief technology officer Scott Barella. 

Secura Encrypted IP Video, Audio, USB and KVM Distribution System (VDS)
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