For Multi-Domain Command And Control
With Multiple Independent Levels Of Security (MILS)

  • Architected for Zero Trust environments
  • Control Plane for all Edge Nodes
    • FIPS 140-3 mTLS (mutual transport layer security)
    • 3 Tier customer supplied CA (certificates of authority)
    • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) 384 customer generated commercial national security algorithm (CNSA) keys
    • Data Plane for Video, Audio and USB
    • AES-GCM-256 (Advanced encryption standard with Galois Counter Mode) customer generated keys for all flows
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  • Hyper scalable sofware-based AVU (audio, video, USB) IP plaform
  • Supports standalone Command & Control (C2) and Distributed C2.
  • Multiple Redundancy for multiple control servers
  • Supports thousands of video, audio and USB flows

• Copper or Fiber based LAN
• WAN, Cloud or Cloud-Edge distribution
• Real-time, low latency video
• Up to 4K/60 video resolutions

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• On-Premise
• Hybrid Cloud
• Cloud and Cloud-Edge distribution

  • Secure Unmanned Systems using real-time video and KLV data
  • Encrypted Transport Stream wrappers
  • C2 and C2ISR use cases

(Multiple Independent Level of Security)
MILS is a high-assurance security architecture concept
based on the principles of separation and controlled information flow


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SECURA® SOFTWARE Has Eight Modules:
1) SECURA® Control
2) SECURA® Supervisor
3) SECURA® Dashboard
4) SECURA® Switching
5) SECURA® Maintenance
6) SECURA® NIST Certified Crypto
7) SECURA® 3rd Party API
8) SECURA® DVR (Digital Video Record)

1) SECURA® Control Module: The SECURA® Control Module is a group of micro-services applications using mTLS (mutual Transport Layer Security), a cryptographic protocol.  Using AD (active domain) and LDAP (directory access protocol), SECURA® Control integrates with existing user authentication constructs.  Each and every user, signal, area and workstation can implement unique levels to enforce security policies.

2) SECURA® Supervisor Module: The Supervisor Module is used to configure each device and how the system will operate.  It establishes what and what the system cannot do based on policy.

3) SECURA® Dashboard Module: The Dashboard Module operates and manages the user interface on the control panel.  This is a secure app versus a web browser that is a primary attack vector in any system.

4) SECURA® Switching Module: The Switching Module manages the switching from sources to destinations real time.  Prior to any switch, a mutual TLS connection is established ensuring both ends are authenticated, as well as the source and destination have the rights to connect, following the policy to establish the connection and view the content.

5) SECURA® Maintenance Module: The Maintenance Module is used for updates and changes to the micro services platform.

6) SECURA® NIST Certified Crypto Module: The NIST certified FIPS 140-2 PESA crypto module is installed on each and every SECURA® device (TX, RX, Control panels, every container on the VM Server(s))

7) SECURA® 3rd Party API Module: The 3rd Party API Module allows for 3rd party devices, which are generally unsecured, to attach to a SECURA® System.  This is done thru a 3rd Party API connection to a SECURA® container that implements PESA crypto and mutual TLS.  This allows many non-secured devices to be used within the environment.

8) SECURA® DVR Module: Module integrates a Digital Video Recording and Playback capability using standard COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) Hardware. This allows for any or all video flows to be recorded for storage or instant playback anywhere on the network.

There are two types of EDGE NODES, each with TPM (Trusted Platform Module)


  1. SECURA EDGE NODE Mezzanine/JPG - for ultra low latency of 1mS flows



2. SECURA EDGE NODES MOTION CODEC:/H.264/H.265. - for low latency, high compression flows.

Graphics for SECURA Panel

• Several touch panels for login, switching and other uses
• Sizes from 2.8” to 32”
• Supports Yubi key MFA (mult-factor authentication)
• Supports central authentication such as Active    Directory and LDAP
• Includes TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

• Server based COTS platform
• Up to 4K/60 video resolulution and frame rates
• Simultaneous viewing and encrypted recording