Secura – VDS-IP Platform

Secura – Security on Demand for your Commercial or Military Grade Environment

PESA is now leading Command and Control (C2) markets into next generation IP networks with secure encrypted IP video, audio, KVM and USB distribution solutions designed from the ground up using FIPS 140-2 cryptography for DoDIN APL certification.

  • NIST standard crypto security (FIPS 140-2)
  • Security standards for government and military
  • Fully scaleable IP switch fabric
  • Complete end to end solution designs



Perfect for Most Applications from Corporate to Military

lynx sitting

Secure Video, Audio, and USB/KVM over IP Distribution System
PESA SECURA LYNX is designed for operation in facilities that need to distribute high-quality, low latency video quickly and securely. LYNX mitigates insider threats and prevents accidental access to content.

NIST CAVP Certificates   


Perfect for The Most Demanding Mission Critical Installations

a lion 2

Ultra-Secure Video, Audio, and USB/KVM over IP Distribution System
PESA SECURA LION is designed for mission-critical operations that require high quality, low latency, sensitive or classified video. LION mitigates insider threats and prevents accidental access to content for both on-premise or remote and distributed facilities.

NIST CMVP Certificates


With the prevalence of cyber attacks in the news today hitting a wide variety of companies, it is important to understand where your video, audio, control, and data may be vulnerable and how to best secure it.

Learn more in the Whitepaper, “Is Your Live Video and Data Safe?”


  • NIST standard cryptological security (FIPS 140-2)
  • Video (format) agnostic - up to 4K UHD w/ HDR
  • Precision to the pixel with true 4Kp60 at 4:4:4
  • AES-256 Encryption, including essence
  • Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS)
  • Fully CNSA (Suite-B) Compliant
  • Prevents AV cables from leaking sensitive information
  • USB CAC and Token Access (HID but not USB drives)
  • Multiple Formats and Authorization Levels: One System
  • IP Configuration and Control
  • Linearly scalable - few ports to enterprise class > 36,000 ports
  • Multiple Signals via Single Cable Interface
  • Protects your content inside your zero-trust environment
PESA Capabilities Statement

PESA Capabilities Statement

Download PESA Capabilities Statement 


Brochure: Secura Command Center
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Brochure: Distributed C2 Use Case
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NIST CAVP Certificates
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