PESA Taps Industry Veteran, Dennis Defensor, to Strengthen Its Position in The Federal, State and Local Government IT Markets

PESA Taps Industry Veteran, Dennis Defensor, to Strengthen Its Position in The Federal, State and Local Government IT Markets

Dennis Defensor joined PESA as Vice President for Global Sales, Marketing and Channel Management. PESA is the Leading Company for Highly Secure and Scalable Video, Audio, USB and KVM Distribution and Extension Technology.

Huntsville, Alabama – June 23, 2021

PESA Switching Systems, a global manufacturer of high-performance secure, video, audio, USB and KVM distribution announced today that Dennis Defensor has joined the company to lead global sales, marketing, and channel management.

Based in the Washington DC area, Dennis Defensor brings over 30 years of executive management and technical leadership and procurement regulations expertise in the Federal, State and Local government for IT and Enterprise Solutions. Mr. Defensor previously held senior management positions at Akima/NANA as Group President managing three operating companies, ICOM Simulations as President & CEO), CloudShield/SAIC as Senior Vice President of Global Sales, DLT Solutions as Senior Vice President, Oracle Division, GTSI as Vice President of Marketing Communications & eCommerce, Viacom New Media-Chicago as Senior Vice President, and Falcon Microsystems as Vice President of Systems Integration. In the federal market, he has lead companies which provided IT solutions to DOD, Intel communities and civilian agencies.

Defensor’s experience and interest in the public and private sectors of the IT market spans cybersecurity, cloud computing, Internet of Things, network architecture, simulations, and digital full-motion video. With a J.D. degree from Catholic University of America, a pioneering law school in Communications Law, Mr. Defensor brings relevant knowledge and real-world experience in the melding of technology and government contract regulations.

“Dennis brings a plethora of industry experience and management success,” said Howard Sutton, Executive Chairman of PESA. “We look forward to leveraging Dennis’s experience as we expand the market footprint of our secure video, audio, USB and KVM distribution solution.”

In his own words, as to what attracted him to PESA, Mr. Defensor said, “In this new digital world where video is ubiquitous, PESA is the world leader as the only highly secure digital ‘eyes and ears’ for government agencies and global commercial enterprises. PESA is currently the only company that can truly protect the end-to-end integrity of video data which is critical for decision-making in command-and-control centers, secure briefing rooms, military command operations centers, government and corporate situation rooms, law enforcement and first-responder centers, security rooms for critical infrastructures, transportation and logistics hubs and mobile command centers.  This technology is destined to become one of the pillars of DOD’s JADC2 strategy.”

More information is available at  or contact Dennis Defensor directly via email at [email protected].

About PESA

PESA is a leading supplier of cybersecure live video distribution solutions to the government, professional and broadcast market. As a leading innovator in securing IP low latency and high-resolution capability from source to glass, PESA is used in zero trust environments that require mission critical performance. Defense, government, media and entertainment, broadcast, and commercial customers trust PESA’s reliable, high-quality products for high performance, high availability, security, and ease of use. PESA offers the only certified secure, encrypted, end-to-end video distribution system (VDS), including keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM). In addition, PESA offers the largest (highest-density) 4K-12G/SDI, single-link router in the world.

PESA is located in Huntsville “Rocket City,” Alabama with regional sales offices around the world. All PESA products are supported by our industry recognized 24-7 support team. For more information, please contact [email protected] or call us at 1-800-323-PESA (1-800-323-7372).




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